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Another good magazine day

I received a bunch of magazines over the last two days.

Apex #6, On Spec #61, On Spec #62, On Spec #63, On Spec #64, and The Dark Man 9&10 (a REH Journal) were new issues of magazines we already stocked. We had been having trouble with the deliveries of On Spec, but it looks like everything is fixed.

Two great magazines hit issue #10. We received Electric Velocipede #10 and Zahir #10. Congratulations to John and Sheryl on reaching the double-digits!

The Chronicler of the Cross Plains is completely new to our store and we’ve received issue #2. This one should be of interest to Robert E. Howard fans and it comes from the people who publish Two Gun Raconteur.

The last box unpacked was a bunch of Weird Tales facsimile reprint editions of issues 290-295. There’s some good stuff in here, including special issues for Avram Davidson, Karl Edward Wagner, Brian Lumley, Gene Wolfe and Tanith Lee. We should see a new issue of Weird Tales shortly. I’ve been told they are shipping, so maybe sometime next week.

The best magazine news of the day came from Steve Pasechnick, the editor of Alchemy Magazine. Only two issues of this magazine were produced and they were excellent. After a long hiatus, Alchemy #3 has just started shipping. I’m hoping to have details and copies soon.


ps. You can thank my 6 year old son for that LJ icon up there.


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  1. It’s a cute icon!!

    • Thanks, I’ll pass that along. I’m trying to convince him to let me use some of his more interesting pieces, but at the moment, that’s his favorite.

  2. I like the icon as well. I certainly feel that way sometimes.

    I’m anxiously awaiting the release of Alchemy no. 3. You’ve already sold a copy here.

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