another disgruntled sitemeter user "upgraded" their services this weekend. This morning, I performed the mandatory migration and then it promptly seized while trying to load all the flash-powered graphs. Now it doesn’t even recognize my username and password. According to their new help files, all passwords have been uppercased, which just strikes me as stupid, but trying that didn’t help. A quick search and bloggers all over the place are complaining. The new software is a disaster.

Any other victims out there? I get the impression that l should be looking for alternative web stats packages…

EDIT: YAY! They are switching back!

17 thoughts on “another disgruntled sitemeter user

  1. lagringa says:

    Yes, same here. I got my account migrated and then activated it, only to discover that most of what had been free through the old Sitemeter is now part of the premium upgrade package. What’s left is more or less useless info.

    • nethspace says:

      yep, me too. I’ll wait and see if things improve over time, otherwise I’ll quit usign sitemeter as my primary counter (ashame really since I’ve had it going since the beginning).

      I’ve also set up with statcounter and google analytics which are both superior to sitemeter anyway, only I haven’t had them going since the beginning and it’s nice to know the (near enough) total visitors.

      • wyrmadmin says:

        I considered Statcounter, but it was too pricey to get the level of logging I had with Sitemeter (4k visitor log). Feature-wise, it didn’t compare well either.

        I do have a Google account that I use for comparison data, but I can’t see using them as my primary stats system. I can’t track how a visitor navigates through the site or get real-time data. I use that a lot.

    • wyrmadmin says:

      They charge too much to get the same amount of logging I had with my premium sitemeter account. If they are smart, they’ll make sitemeter victims an offer they can’t refuse.

  2. livia_llewellyn says:

    I ditto using Statcounter. I’ve had the free version for almost five years now, and there have been very few problems – typically a server goes down or they do “maintenance” once or twice a year, and you lose a few hits – not a big deal.

    • wyrmadmin says:

      Sorry to hear that. Mine is receiving data. I know a few people said they had to switch their tracking code when they migrated and had to switch back. My site is more or less untouched in that regard.

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