And then there were three

I am pleased to announce that Electric Velocipede will be the third magazine to adopt the online submission system that I cobbled together for Clarkesworld Magazine. I never intended to make this program available to other publications, but I’ve been a fan of both Electric Velocipede and Fantasy Magazine for a while now and couldn’t say no to either. It’s a pleasure to be associated with them, even in this small way.

Electric Velocipede will start using the (as-yet-unnamed) system when they reopen to submissions on August 1st.

16 thoughts on “And then there were three

  1. jeffpalmatier says:

    That was good of you to do that, both for their staff and the writers who submit. Three months ago I submitted an article via snail mail, and it reminded me yet again how time-consuming and labor-intensive that process is, at least in comparison to doing so electronically.

    • wyrmadmin says:

      🙂 Well, can’t promise the system will do much to speed up their response times. That’s the people part of the equation. It does cut out the USPS though, so there’s at least that.

      • metafrantic says:

        Well, yeah. But removing the post office, that’s a huge step! Luckily we started off only accepting digital applications, so we never had to deal with that part.

      • jrbl says:

        Perhaps you should enlist additional help to get it in a more shippable state, and release it as an open-source project – which might help you enlist additional help.

  2. ed_rex says:


    It might be a small way, but (I think) it’s an important way.

    Good on you for taking part (whether you knew it or not) in (what I hope will become) the open source economic model.

    Mind you, I hope EV and FM will give you credit.

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