Anatomy of a Worldcon Badge

My Worldcon Badge


1. Official Clarkesworld/Fantasy Magazine "Short Fiction is Not Dead" Hypno-chicken button
2. Clarkesworld postcard
3. Where I live. Interestingly, most badges I saw didn’t have a state listed, but some did.
4. My 2009 Hugo Nominee pin.
5. Green ribbon for being a Program Participant.
6. Bronze/copper ribbon for being a Hugo Nominee

and #7 was handed to me by George R. R. Martin at the post-Hugo party… my official HUGO LOSER ribbon. 

11 thoughts on “Anatomy of a Worldcon Badge

  1. amysisson says:

    Congrats for winning the coveted ribbon!

    I suggested to someone that perhaps leaving out the state was deliberate, because asking someone what state their town is in can be a nice icebreaker (I asked at least a dozen people). But someone else was more cynical and believed it had to do with an arhaic database label-printing program.

    • wyrmadmin says:

      Oh, intended or not, it was definitely an icebreaker. I was asked that question a lot. Of course, even when I tell people where Stirling is, it doesn’t help them much.

  2. jorhett says:

    Official Clarkesworld/Fantasy Magazine “Short Fiction is Not Dead” Hypno-chicken button

    Hey so I kept seeing these but nobody told me where to find one. Any chance I could avoid a trip to NJ to get one?

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