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An Empty Slush Pile is a Sad Slush Pile

All submissions received before 1:00pm EST today have been read, processed, and replied to. The slush pile is now empty.

If you submitted a  a story to Clarkesworld Magazine and haven’t heard back from us, check in at the tracking system with your ticket or drop an email to

Our submissions guidelines can be found at:


Accepted at Clarkesworld Magazine


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  1. I just want to compliment you on having the best submission system I’ve come across anywhere so far. A two-day turnaround is very impressive.

  2. I submitted something in response to this … but only because it sounded dangerously like a dare. 🙂

  3. I, too, submitted a story. Thank you for your quick turnaround. Despite the result, I still have to agree that your tracking system is great.

  4. Neil, hey there. I just saw a post for Fantasy magazine that they were using the submissions system you use, and being as I don’t market my own short fiction these days, I completely missed the boat on seeing it when YOU added it. It’s a program? Software? I have always been a strictly paper submissions guy (sorta old school), and I know some people don’t submit to Talebones because I don’t accept electronic subs. In light of my recent post about the magazine, my time, my health….well my brain is whirling, thinking of ways to streamline the biz. Wondering if you could enlighten me about this system, whenever you have a free moment… patrick (at) talebones (dot) com.

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