The day we’ve been dreading has come. It’s official now, Amazon is ending all print and digital subscriptions, ending a program that has been instrumental to the success of many genre magazines. This is the email they sent out today:

Dear Amazon Customer,

Thank you for being a valued Amazon Kindle Newsstand subscriber. We are writing to inform you that we have made the decision to stop selling Kindle magazine and newspaper subscriptions on Amazon.

According to our records, here are your monthly subscription(s):

Clarkesworld Magazine

You will continue to receive your issues through September 4, 2023 unless you decide to cancel. After that date, you will no longer be able to renew your subscription(s) through Amazon. You will still be able to read all issues that have already been delivered to you by visiting Your Kindle Library. If you wish to continue receiving content from a publisher directly, please visit their website for alternative subscription options. Visit Your Memberships and Subscriptions page on Amazon for more information at:

Select digital magazine subscriptions are also available in Kindle Unlimited. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for more information

If you have any questions or require assistance, please visit the Newsstand FAQ or contact customer service.

Amazon Newsstand Team


This is a substantial blow to the finances of our magazines. I go into our path forward and how this impacts us in this month’s Clarkesworld editorial. Summary: it will be rough and make our recent troubles with machine-generated submissions look like child’s play.

Current Amazon subscribers to Clarkesworld should visit:

and subscribers to Forever Magazine should visit:

for details on how to continue your subscriptions. We’re hoping you stick with us.


You can find you current Amazon subscriptions at this page:

The “See Publisher Offer” button should take you to the publisher’s website. The links I share above are where Amazon is directing our subscribers, but you might also have subscriptions to other magazines, so I thought it wise to share how you’d find those their details too.