The second proof for CLARKESWORLD: YEAR SIX arrived today and it’s a keeper. I’ve signed off on it, so it should be available sometime this weekend. Contributor copies and preorders will start shipping next week. This volume will be a bit more expensive than the prior volumes, but it contains a lot more fiction. I suspect that when we start publishing four stories per issue, we’ll have to start splitting years into two volumes.

YEAR SEVEN is coming along soon too. Just have to write an introduction, do the layout, and have the final proofreading pass done. This means we should be caught up with all the anthologies before we finished our eighth year. It’s been five years since we were completely caught up, so I’m looking forward to it.

For all of you completists, Here’s the complete set:


Yes, it bugs me that they don’t match. I’ll probably reissue the first two at some point.