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  1. jpsorrow says:

    I’ll be there. Along with Patricia Bray () and Jennifer Dunne (). If you’d like any of us to sign books for you and/or the website, bring them along.

      • jennifer_dunne says:

        Small crowd — few hundred — with most of the RPG gamers split off to a gaming conference that occurs at the same time (at least in previous years…one never knows with conference schedules) so it’s focused more on books and media. Seems to have a fairly high pro-to-fan ratio. (That might be because all the gamers were elsewhere) Not much in the way of costumes. Excellent ice cream social Friday night. Strong art show and dealers’ room, considering the size of the con.

        Tricia? Josh? Any additions/corrections?

        • wyrmadmin says:

          So it’s two cons in one? Odd, but smart. Ice cream, yet another perk! I’m trying to figure out what to bring to the con, so if there are holes you’ve noticed in the offerings there in prior years, it would certainly be of interest to me. I’ve been thinking of bringing a good assortment of signed books, a few recent releases and con guest’s books.

      • melissajm says:

        Sorry I’m late to the party! I just discovered this thread. Albacon was my first ever con, and I love it. It’s small enough to be magageable and friendly, but lots of writers attend, and they have some interesting panels. Oh, and ice cream. 😉

        I’m usually quite shy, and when I first went (2002) I was shaking in my boots at the thought of being in the same room with Real Writers. Next thing I knew I was chatting with Josepha Sherman (to whom I’ll be forever grateful for being both a Real Writer and a Real Person.) I’ve met all kinds of great people there (some of whom are on this thread.) It made writing seem both magical and possible.

        Now they’ve got me doing panels. Yeah, they’ve won me over. 😉

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