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Adventures in Snow

I had a fun time driving home in the snow last night. Route 287 in the snow. Can’t see the lines and no salt or sand trucks on the road. A 5-6 car accident happened on an ice patch just over a hill about a half mile from my exit. I’m not sure how I managed to sail through the wrecks as I slid through the scene. I was very lucky. I spent the rest of the trip home cursing the people who are supposed to take care of that road. This was a predicted storm. My little swamp town was prepared.

Ah well, I’m happier today. The snow gave me a day off from work and…

Night Shade just announced another book by Lucius Shepard. I’m not going to complain about how profilic he has been lately. It’s great after all those years of low productivity to have so much to read by him. This time around it’s TRUJILLO. This is a novel, unlike the collection of the same name that was published last year by PS Publishing. It will be available in a trade hardcover and a signed limited hardcover.


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  1. Yikes. Route 287 is evil, even without snow. On days like this, I’m glad I moved to the Pine Barrens, even though there’s a deplorable lack of ethnic restaurants here.

    • Definitely no shortage of ethic restaurants in our area. Unfortunately, we don’t get to eat out that often.


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