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A Weekend with the Kids

My wife has been off enjoying an artist’s retreat of sorts.  The Polymer Clay Guild she belongs to decided to take over a hotel somewhere around Atlantic City for the weekend.  She’s been down there claying her hands off while the boys and I hold down the fort.  Aidan and Eamonn are 6 and 3 and behave like typical brothers at that age, which is to say they can get on one another’s nerves from time to time.  Interestingly enough, they’ve been on their best behavior all weekend, probably saving a huge meltdown for mommy’s return.

Since the post office is closed today, I haven’t had to deal with orders for most of the weekend.  Instead I took the time to play with the boys and get the house cleaned up.  We’ve watched countless episodes of Ultraman Tiga (Aidan’s favorite show) and I think I might scream if I have to see the Curious George movie again.  It’s reached the point where I have most of the dialog memorized.  We’ve played Connect Four, I Spy Bingo, Chuzzle and I Spy Treasure Hunt.  Mommy recorded herself singing some bedtime songs, so we played those and then I stayed with the boys until they stopped crying and went to sleep.  (Ok, so the songs may not have been the best idea.)

Lisa comes home in a few hours.  The boys are dressed.  Dishes and laundry are done.  The bathrooms and kitchen are cleaner than when she left.  The TV is off and the kids have wandered off to draw pictures. 

Time to go back to work. 



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  1. Hey Neil. Seems to be a few people trying to get in touch with you but haven’t heard back. Maybe email is down or something?

    You might want to poke your head in at shocklines and the Other Dark place to give a heads up that you are around.

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