I’ve been selling books for four years and collecting books for more than 10.  In my collection, I have a many signed limited editions, arcs, manuscripts, and even some things I’m not sure how to classify.

Today I’ve seen something I haven’t seen before… a limited edition published in a quantity lower than the lettered edition of the same book.  I present to you the leatherbound limited edition of DUNE: HOUSE CORRINO by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson published in 25 signed numbered and 26 signed lettered copies.  Very weird.  Best part is that this is the third book in the series.  There were 100 of the first book and 50 of the second.

Obviously this didn’t sell very well… but it will definitely suck to be a collector of this limited edition series.

I can’t speak to the series, but TOR didn’t help things by placing a $200 price tag on these and I’m sure the decreasing print run will discourage many potential collectors from adding any of these to their libraries. After all, most of us collectors want the whole run of any series or none at all.

So what was TOR thinking?