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A New Logo and a Couple of Hours in Dreamweaver

Once again, I have reason to thank Mary.  The logo on the left is something Mary whipped up for us in the last week, again proving she’s very good, fast, and easy to work with. 

Today, I spent a couple of hours in Dreamweaver redesigning the website.  I’m happy with the improvements, but still see a few things I want to tweak and text I want to toss and rewrite.  It never ends and knowing that, I’ve stopped for today. 

Feedback, as always, is welcome.


T minus 20 Days and Counting


Memorare by Gene Wolfe


  1. I like the logo quite a lot. Simple, clean, self-contained, and communicates the genre. All very nice.

  2. The design is nice and readable, and that logo’s great. The only hitch I noticed in the gitalong is that the right side of the header and the right side of the body are a little off, so that right black bar breaks when going from one to the other (in both IE & Firefox). Also, I like the off white background behind the white text body — makes the scrolling (to me) look slick without the annoyance or side effects of JS or Flash.

    • Which version of Firefox are you using? I have and it’s rendering fine. Looks like IE is having trouble with some of the line width CSS. I’ll have to do a workaround, but that’s why it’s off on the right side in IE.

      • I’m using, but it might be a screen size issue; I have my desktop set to 1024×768. Occasionally sites display a little wonky at home when I’ve seen them render perfectly elsewhere.

        • Thanks. I think I found the culprit. Figures… the one time I don’t run it through all the browsers I have.

  3. It’s lovely. I’m waiting for the t-shirts! (And it would make a great tattoo.)

  4. A handsome logo! But then, I wouldn’t expect anything less from Mary. She’s truly amazing.

    She’s also responsible for the PaperGolem logo.

  5. That is one profoundly shagadellic website.

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