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We just received a letter from our health insurance company notifying us that my doctor would no longer be covered under my medical plan. The whole thought of switching doctors freaks me out so much that I am currently looking for a new job. I like the other job, but it’s an hour away and one of the reasons I was willing to take it was that I could keep my doctor.

What could inspire such loyalty? I’m absolutely terrified of needles, doctors, and all things designed to put holes in me for the purpose of a medical professional’s enjoyment. I trust this guy because I know his people understand this and work with the crazy man that has to come in once a year to have his various medications checked up on. He’s also the one that figured out what was wrong with me and fixed it. Five years of falling apart put to an end.

This sucks. Anyone in northern NJ need a technology director for a school or university? Medical plan must cover my doctor. Resume available.


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  1. I sympathize. We move so much that I have no choice but to find new doctors every few years, and it really sucks when you’ve finally managed to get one you actually get along with. :-/

    • I’ve only ever had two doctors that I ever liked. One as a child (who I now send my kids to) and this one. I’ve avoided going to a new doctor until I was close to pneumonia and sick for weeks. On this topic I am completely irrational.

      • I’m sorry. Those fears are incredibly difficult to deal with, precisely because we realize they’re irrational and yet can’t control them. No matter how many times I tell myself that I am not going to improbably and against all reason lose my balance and plunge off the edge of some high spot I’ve taken myself to, I still can’t get over my acrophobia.

        I hope you do find someone whose insurance will accept your doctor. You might check, too, to see if your insurance has any provision for using non-plan-approved doctors. Some plans will still pay some portion of the expenses for them.

  2. Hey, don’t limit your options – we’re close enough to central NJ to look there, too 😉


  3. Commiserations, this totally sucks.

    • Sure, as long as it’s not corporate and they don’t expect crazy hours, I’m perfectly fine with anyplace reasonable. I’ll have to go through those ads. Thanks!

  4. Perhaps if you check with your doctor he’ll know what programs include him. This could make your searching more efficient.

    • Anonymous

      (This is Lisa’s friend Penny–no lj id) But don’t necessarily talk to the doctor himself–talk to the person in his office who handles insurance paperwork. If they’re good, they know EVERYTHING, and can save you endless unnecessary frustration. When dh’s job offered several different plans, I didn’t choose on my own–those “explanation of benefits” books are hardly compelling reading, eh? Instead, I asked the insurance person at the pediatrician’s office, “Which one should we get?” Get on the paperwork person’s good side, and life’s just a little easier…

  5. We’re looking for a CIO again… Of course, the commute to your doctor would be a bit much. And we have a habit of driving off our CIOs with politics…

    Seriously, I’m with you. I still trek up north of Boston to my old doctor (despite having moved to the south shore three years ago) because I adore her. Do you have any out of network option where you pay a percentage out of pocket that are workable?

    • I wasn’t joking when I told my wife that as long as we were in flying distance, I’d be fine. 🙂 I’m going to check with the main office when I get back to work… oddly enough, I’ve been out sick the last two days.

  6. For obvious reasons, I can’t help, but best of luck to you. The twists and turns of medical insurance can certainly be really shitty at times.

    (And I’m terrified of needles. While not a phobia per se, my hands do get clammy and I feel faint when I’m about to have an encounter with a needle. And even if it doesn’t hurt all that much, I must–for psychological reasons–bite down on a rolled handkerchief when the needle pierces my skin. Some nurses find it so funny as to be almost cute, which is the only consolation.)

  7. Do you have the option to get a medical plan that allows you to go out-of-network for a higher fee? We have one — it costs more per month and you pay more of the bill, but at least it covers something.

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