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Clarkesworld #27


Issue #27 is now available!

A Woman’s Best Friend by Robert Reed
A Woman’s Best Friend by Robert Reed (audio by Mary Robinette Kowal)
Episode 72 by Don Webb
The Completely Rechargeable Man by Karen Heuler


To Believe the Magic Is Real: A Conversation with Ed Greenwood by Jeremy L. C. Jones
Frosty was a WHAT?!! by Neil Clarke

Cover Art:
“Brave Dissent” by Adam Gillespie


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Clarkesworld November Slush Stats


  1. Looks good. I’m curious: Will REALMS 2 include the nonfiction or will it be a fiction-only anthology?

    • The non-fiction will not be included. We don’t have any immediate plans to do a non-fiction volume, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we’ll never do one.

      Realms 2 will contain all the original fiction published in issues 13-24.

  2. I would not have thought of Robert Reed as a “Clarkesworld author.” Loved Heuler’s story, though!

    • Episode 72 and The Completely Rechargeable Man were the last two stories that Nick bought. Next month, my selections start running.

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