2021 Clarkesworld Stories

“Intentionalities” by Aimee Ogden (Short Story, 1/2021)
“Deep Music” by Elly Bangs (Short Story, 1/2021)
“Philia, Eros, Storge, Agape, Pragma” by R.S.A. Garcia (Novella, 1/2021)
“The Last Civilian” by R. P. Sand (Novelette, 1/2021)
“Aster’s Partialities: Vitri’s Best Store for Sundry Antiques” by Tovah Strong (Short Story, 1/2021)
“Leaving Room for the Moon” by P H Lee (Short Story, 1/2021)
“The Failed Dianas” by Monique Laban (Short Story, 2/2021)
“Terra Rasa” by Anastasia Bookreyeva (Short Story, 2/2021)
“Obelisker Adrift in the Desert” by K.H. Meridian (Novelette, 2/2021)
“Mercy and the Mollusc” by M. L. Clark (Novella, 2/2021)
“”Remember The Washington,” They Said as They Fed the Ugoxli” by Jeff Reynolds (Short Story, 2/2021)
“We’ll Always Have Two Versions of Pteros” by Dominica Phetteplace (Short Story, 2/2021)
“History in Pieces” by Beth Goder (Short Story, 2/2021)
“Mamaborg’s Milk and the Brilliance of Gems” by D.A. Xiaolin Spires (Short Story, 3/2021)
“Homecoming is Just Another Word for the Sublimation of the Self” by Isabel J. Kim (Short Story, 3/2021)
“The Orbiting Guan Erye” by Wang Zhenzhen (Short Story, 3/2021)
“Submergence” by Arula Ratnakar (Novella, 3/2021)
“55 Plaque” by Isabel Lee (Novelette, 3/2021)
“Comments on Your Provisional Patent Application For An Eternal Spirit Core” by Wole Talabi (Short Story, 3/2021)
“To Study the Old Masters in the Prado at the End of the World” by Sarah Pauling (Short Story, 3/2021)
“Sarcophagus” by Ray Nayler (Novelette, 4/2021)
“The Field Tiger” by Endria Isa Richardson (Short Story, 4/2021)
“Ouroboros” by Dean-Paul Stephens (Novella, 4/2021)
“The Sheen of Her Carapace” by Richard Webb (Short Story, 4/2021)
“Catching the K Beast” by Chen Qian (Short Story, 4/2021)
“Communist Computer Rap God” by Andrea Kriz (Short Story, 4/2021)
“A House Is Not a Home” by L Chan (Short Story, 4/2021)
“Best-Laid Plans” by David D. Levine (Short Story, 5/2021)
“A Home for Mrs. Biswas” by Amal Singh (Short Story, 5/2021)
“The Force Exerted on the Mass of a Body” by Bo Balder (Short Story, 5/2021)
“Vanishing Point” by Robert V.S. Redick (Novelette, 5/2021)
“Dancing With Ereshkigal” by Sameem Siddiqui (Short Story, 5/2021)
“Spore” by Tang Fei (Short Story, 5/2021)
“A Star for Every Word Unspoken” by Kai Hudson (Short Story, 5/2021)
“Little Animals” by Nancy Kress (Novelette, 6/2021)
“Poubelle” by Robert Reed (Short Story, 6/2021)
“Bots of the Lost Ark” by Suzanne Palmer (Novelette, 6/2021)
“Face Changing” by Jiang Bo (Short Story, 6/2021)
“The Shroud for the Mourners” by Yukimi Ogawa (Short Story, 6/2021)
“Our Fate, Told in Photons” by K.W. Colyard (Short Story, 6/2021)
“Embracing the Movement” by Cristina Jurado (Short Story, 6/2021)
“Promises We Made Under A Brick-Dark Sky” by Karen Osborne (Short Story, 7/2021)
“He Leaps for the Stars, He Leaps for the Stars” by Grace Chan (Short Story, 7/2021)
“When the Sheaves Are Gathered” by Nick Wolven (Novelette, 7/2021)
“Preserved in Amber” by Samantha Murray (Novelette, 7/2021)
“I’m Feeling Lucky” by Leonid Kaganov (Short Story, 7/2021)
“The Falling” by M V Melcer (Short Story, 7/2021)
“Last Nice Day” by Rich Larson (Short Story, 7/2021)
“Candide; Life-” by Beth Goder (Short Story, 8/2021)
“A Thousand Tiny Gods” by Nadia Afifi (Short Story, 8/2021)
“The Clock, Having Seen Its Face in the Mirror, Still Knows Not the Hour” by Adam Stemple (Novelette, 8/2021)
“The Serpentine Band” by Congyun ‘Mu Ming’ Gu (Novella, 8/2021)
“A Heist in Fifteen Products from the Orion Spur’s Longest-Running Catalog” by Andrea M. Pawley (Short Story, 8/2021)
“An Instance” by Mlok 5 (Short Story, 8/2021)
“Resistance in a Drop of DNA” by Andrea Kriz (Short Story, 8/2021)
“Yesterday’s Wolf” by Ray Nayler (Short Story, 9/2021)
“It is a Pleasure to Receive You” by Ziggy Schutz (Short Story, 9/2021)
“Xiaolongbao: Soup Dumplings” by D.A. Xiaolin Spires (Short Story, 9/2021)
“Dog and Pony Show” by Robert Jeschonek (Novelette, 9/2021)
“The Winter Garden” by Regina Kanyu Wang (Novelette, 9/2021)
“In a Net I Seek to Hold the Wind” by Gregory Feeley (Short Story, 9/2021)
“Excerpts from the Text of an Explanatory Stele Erected for Our Edification by the Scholars of the Outer Orion Tendril” by Timons Esaias (Short Story, 9/2021)
“Paper of Elephants” by Brenda Cooper (Short Story, 10/2021)
“The Answer Was Snails” by Bo Balder (Short Story, 10/2021)
“Legend of the Giant” by Fei Dao (Short Story, 10/2021)
“Love Unflinching, at Low- to Zero-G” by M. L. Clark (Novelette, 10/2021)
“Rain Falling in the Pines” by Lavie Tidhar (Short Story, 10/2021)
“Through” by Eric Fomley and Rich Larson (Short Story, 10/2021)
“A Well-Worn Path” by AnaMaria Curtis (Short Story, 10/2021)
“Mom Heart” by Will McIntosh (Short Story, 11/2021)
“Dark Waters Still Flow” by Alice Towey (Short Story, 11/2021)
“This Stitch, This Time” by Anna Martino (Short Story, 11/2021)
“City of Eternity” by Pan Haitian (Short Story, 11/2021)
“The Language Birds Speak” by Rebecca Campbell (Novelette, 11/2021)
“Between Zero and One There is Infinity” by Shari Paul (Novelette, 11/2021)
“The Death Haiku Of The Azure Five” by L Chan (Short Story, 11/2021)
“The Cold Calculations” by Aimee Ogden (Short Story, 12/2021)
“Beneath the Earth Where the Nymphs Sleep” by Meghan Feldman (Short Story, 12/2021)
“Vegvísir” by David Goodman (Short Story, 12/2021)
“You Are Born Exploding” by Rich Larson (Novelette, 12/2021)
“Other Stories” by Wang Yuan (Novelette, 12/2021)
“Just One Step, and Then the Next” by E. N. Díaz (Short Story, 12/2021)
“A Series of Endings” by Amal Singh (Short Story, 12/2021)

2021 Clarkesworld Cover Art

“Suspire” by Yuumei (01/2021)

Forward” by Wenjuinn Png

“Sunrise” by Alex Ries

“GUYS! Don’t Lose Hope” by J.C Jongwon Park

“Isolation” by Matt Dixon

“Companion” by Derek Stenning

“Garden” by Alejandro Miguel Burdisio

“Little Town” by Alejandro Miguel Burdisio

“Vimana” by Daniele Gay

“Mermay 2021” by Alexander “Minze” Thümler

“Space Cadet” by Pascal Blanché

“The Variable Man” by Douglas P. Lobo