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Month: October 2019

Philcon 2019

I’ll be attending Philcon in Cherry Hill, NJ from November 8th-10th. Here’s my schedule:

Genre Publications in 2019
Fri 7:00 PM in Plaza III (Three) (1 hour)
[Panelists: Ty Drago (mod), Alex Shvartsman, Dina Leacock, Julie Ann Dawson, Neil Clarke]

Ask a Small Publisher
Sat 12:00 PM in Crystal Ballroom Two (1 hour)
[Panelists: Marc Histand (mod), Brian Koscienski, Neil Clarke, Danielle Ackley-McPhail, Alex Shvartsman, Michael Hanson]

Meet the Editors
Sat 10:00 PM in Plaza II (Two) (1 hour)
[Panelists: Danielle Ackley-McPhail (mod), Mike McPhail, Ty Drago, April Grey, Gordon Linzner, Neil Clarke]

Autographs: Sam Delany, Gordon Linzner, Neil Clarke
Sun 12:00 PM in Crystal Ballroom Promenade (Gaming) (1 hour)

China SF Con

NOTE: Due to my flight being cancelled and an inability to book a replacement flight that would get me there in time, I’ve had to cancel this trip. I am very disappointed and send my apologies to everyone. Should be a fantastic conference and I hope everyone has a great time.


I’ll be taking two trips to China over the next month. The first will take me to the China Science Fiction Conference 2019, held November 2-3 in the Garden Expo Park in Fengtai District, Beijing. It will be a short trip, but I expect to have a day of sightseeing before I return home. I’ll talk more about the second trip later.

Schedule (subject to change)

November 2nd
9:40-10:20 Interview
13:00-14:00 Interview
5:00-15:30 @ Storycom Table (number 07) Signing
Evening, Welcome Banquet held by CAST

November 3rd
Morning, Opening Ceremony
Afternoon, Presentation (The Future of SF is International)

Clarkesworld Year Ten Anthologies

The two Clarkesworld Year Ten anthologies are now available for purchase. Print copies will be available directly from us after they arrive. (Expected mid-month.) Amazon has them now.

Clarkesworld Year Ten: Volume One (contents)

Trade Paperback
List Price: $17.95
ISBN: 978-1-64236-020-2

Ebook Editions
List Price: $6.99
ISBN: 978-1-64236-019-6 (Kindle/Mobi)B&N (epub)Apple (epub)Kobo (epub)Wyrm (epub/mobi/Kindle)

Clarkesworld Year Ten: Volume Two (contents)

Trade Paperback
List Price: $17.99
ISBN: 978-1-64236-022-6

Ebook Editions
List Price: $6.99
ISBN: 978-1-64236-021-9 (Kindle/Mobi)B&N (epub)Apple (epub)Kobo (epub)Wyrm (epub/mobi/Kindle)

Capclave 2019

I’m sad to announce that I will be unable to attend Capclave this year. It’s one of my favorite conventions and I haven’t missed one  in years, but we have a schedule conflict in the Clarke house and this is the only way to make things work. I look forward to returning in 2020.

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