Not long ago, we (Clarkesworld) were approached by Joyride to be one of their launch partners. They had interesting plans involving podcasts, crowdfunding, and android cars. The income never amounted to a lot, but every bit helps keep the magazine afloat.

Today’s news is that Joyride has been bought by Google. The bad news is that they’ve discontinued their crowdfunding system and this will be the last month we can use their service.

Fortunately, we’ve been using Patreon even longer than Joyride and already have a stable infrastructure there for people to move to. This will also have the benefit of making everything a lot easier for me to manage. There were some Joyride hiccups that just don’t exist at Patreon and that will make reward fulfillment a lot easier.

If you’ve been using Joyride or would like to start supporting Clarkesworld, why not head on over to our Patreon page and join today. Every dollar helps.