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BSFS State of Short Fiction Roundtable

A video of the BSFS State of Short Fiction Roundtable is now available:

In the Baltimore area this weekend?

If you’re in the Baltimore area this weekend, check this out:

On Saturday, March 22 at 8PM, BSFS will host a free, public roundtable on “The State of Short Fiction.” Editors Neil Clarke (Clarkesworld), Scott H. Andrews (Beneath Ceaseless Skies), Jonathan Landen (Daily Science Fiction), Norm Sherman (Drabblecast), Bill Campbell (Mothership: Tales from Afrofuturism and Beyond), along with writer Erica Satifka (Clarkesworld, Daily Science Fiction) will participate in the discussion lead by moderator, writer and BSFS member Sarah Pinsker (Fantasy & Science Fiction, Lightspeed, Asimov’s).

This roundtable will go in-depth on the current state of the short fiction market. The panel includes top editors, writers, anthologists, and podcasters, in order to gather a complete picture of the field’s past, present, and future. Who are the new voices people should be reading? How do you fund a magazine or anthology? What makes a story work for podcast? This will be a great panel for readers and writers alike.

More details at:

Book sale update

All the books that were purchased in last week’s book sale have been moved out of storage, sorted, separated, and stacked. I’m now working my way through packing and hope to ship later this week.


That’s just one corner of the room.

Lunacon 2014

I’ll be attending Lunacon in Rye Brook NY this weekend and participating in the following panels:

The Changing Publishing Paradigm – Saturday 2:00pm
Westchester Ballroom A1
John R. Douglas (moderator), Sheila Williams, Danielle Ackley-McPhail, Ian Randal Strock, Neil Clarke
Everything is changing: mergers, formats, lack of stigma for self-publishing – and just when you think e-books will take over — sales are flat for e-books, but not print. Our panelist analyze the past, and look forward to the future of publishing.

Survival skills of Marketer/Publisher/Editor – Sunday 10:00am
William Odelle
Bianca D’Arc (moderator), Danielle Ackley-McPhail, Andrew Wheeler, Neil Clarke
Moving beyond the print paradigm — Publishing needs a community, while acting as the “distributor” and “marketer” for the works of the author/creator…

The Resurgence of the Short(er) Story – Sunday 11:00am
Barbara Krasnoff (moderator), Ken Altabef, Alex Shvartsman, Sheila Williams, James Chambers, Neil Clarke
So many collections, print and online magazines and other outlets — Is this a fad? Or, do readers really like short fiction again?

SFWA Bulletin

I haven’t mentioned it here, but I’m a member of the task force that has been working on/reviewing the SFWA (Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America) Bulletin. One of the tasks put to the group was to produce an interim issue while the search for a new editor was completed. My role has been to create the ebook edition from the files they sent to the printer. I can happily report that I’ve passed the ebook files off to the task force for review and proofreading. If all goes well, I hope to finalize the ebook edition (ePub and MOBI) early next week.

Print edition of Clarkesworld #90

The print edition of Clarkesworld Magazine Issue #90 is now available from Amazon.

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