Last year, Clarkesworld Magazine received its third Hugo Award for Best Semiprozine. It appears as though we’ll be going out on top. The combined income from Clarkesworld (and its parent, Wyrm Publishing) has just barely crossed the threshold for semiprozine eligibility. We are NOT eligible for nomination this year. This is a very good sign for the future of Clarkesworld and gives me continued hope that someday I’ll be able to make this my full-time career. Thank you to all our subscribers, advertisers, and donors for helping us achieve this bittersweet milestone.

It has been my honor to be nominated (and lose to Sheila and Stan) for the Hugo Award for Best Editor (Short Form). I continue to be eligible in this category and hope that you will consider nominating me again.

Our stories continue to be eligible. Here’s a complete list of Clarkesworld‘s 2013 stories and novelettes:

Novelettes (7,501 to 17,500 words)
Short Stories (up to 7500 words)


An interesting side-note: While we are now “professional” in the eyes of the Hugo Awards, we are still “non-professional” by World Fantasy Award definitions. We still have a way to go there.