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Month: May 2013

Nebula Award for Aliette

Last night, I had the pleasure of watching the Nebula Awards live from the only corner of my hotel room with internet access. Clarkesworld had three stories competing for Best Short Story (“Robot” by Helena Bell, “Immersion” by Aliette de Bodard and “Fragmentation, or Ten Thousand Goodbyes” by Tom Crosshill) and one for Best Novelette (“Fade to White” by Catherynne M. Valente). Situations like this are a lot like having to pick a favorite child, so I’m relieved to be unable to vote for the Nebulas. I can, however, be happy for all of them.

The ceremony ran much later than I expected (and a few time zones away), but seeing Aliette (in shock) accept the award for best short story, made it well worth the wait. Congratulations to Aliette, the other winners, and all the nominees!


The Wisdom of Ants by Thoraiya Dyer

The winners of the 2012 Aurealis Awards were announced earlier today. I can’t find a complete list of the winners online, but I’ve been told that “The Wisdom of Ants” by Thoraiya Dyer, (Clarkesworld #75) has won the 2012 Aurealist Award for Best YA Short Story category. Last month, the same story received a Ditmar Award for Best Short Story.

Congratulations Thoraiya!

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May 2013 Issue of Clarkesworld Magazine

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MAY 2013 – ISSUE #80
“Soulcatcher” by James Patrick Kelly
“Tachy Psyche” by Andy Dudak
“(R + D) /I = M” by E. Catherine Tobler
“The Banquet of the Lords of Night” by Liz Williams
“From Babel’s Fall’n Glory We Fled . . .” by Michael Swanwick

When the Alien Is Us: Science Fictional Documentaries by Maggie Clark
Assassinating the Reader: A Conversation with Yoon Ha Lee by Jeremy L. C. Jones
Another Word: The Singularity is Dead. Long Live the Singularity! by Craig DeLancey
Editor’s Desk: Day of the Wineberry by Neil Clarke

This month’s stories will be released in audio form over the course of the month. Read by Kate Baker.

Desert Dragon by Julie Dillon

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