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Month: March 2013

2013 Hugo Awards

The 2013 Hugo Award nominees have been announced. Here are Clarkesworld Magazine‘s nominees:

  • Best Novelette: “Fade to White” by Catherynne M. Valente, Clarkesworld #71
  • Best Short Story: “Immersion” by Aliette de Bodard, Clarkesworld #69
  • Best Short Story: “Mantis Wives” by Kij Johnson, Clarkesworld #71
  • Best Editor (Short Form): Neil Clarke
  • Best Semiprozine: Clarkesworld Magazine—Edited by Neil Clarke, Sean Wallace, Jason Heller, Podcast directed by Kate Baker

Congratulations to all the nominees and a big THANK YOU to everyone who nominated us.

Clarkesworld Podcast

In preparation for the amount of growth we expect to see to our podcast (2 extra stories per month, starting next month), we made some technical changes to the way the files were hosted. It looks like the switch (earlier this month) happened without a hitch, but if you’ve recently experienced any problems, I’d like to hear about them.

That said, the final podcast for March has just been posted. “96, 97, 98, 99” by Genevieve Valentine is now available for your listening pleasure. Enjoy!


This Weekend: Lunacon

I’ll be attending Lunacon this weekend and just picked up my schedule:

So You Want To Create & Sell an Ebook — Westchester Ballroom B, Sat 11:00 AM
Lawrence M. Schoen mod, Neil Clarke
Experienced ebook designers talk about the tools, techniques, and best practices involved in creating and distributing ebooks.

How To Get Your Story Rejected — Maple, Sat 1:00 PM
Ben Parris mod, Alex Shvartsman, Hildy Silverman, Ian Randal Strock, Neil Clarke
Sometimes a story is rejected simply because it doesn’t fit the needs of the editor. But sometimes there is

Does the Medium Change the Message? — Elijah Budd, Sat 6:00 PM
Kate Nepveu mod, Dennis McCunney, Ian Randal Strock, Will Frank, Neil Clarke
Do you read ebooks differently than you do print books? Do you remember them differently? How is the evolving technology of reading changing the experience, or isn’t it? Do you prefer to read different genres in different formats and if so, why?

How Do Books Get on the Shelves? — Poplar, Sun 12:00 PM
Andrew Wheeler mod, Meredith Schwartz, Mary Aileen Buss, Neil Clarke
How do bookstores/libraries decide what books to stock? Who makes those decisions? How can you influence what books are carried? Why does one bookstore/library have a good SF/F/H collection and another have a poor one?

March 2013 Issue of Clarkesworld Magazine

The March 2013 issue of Clarkesworld Magazine is now available. You can get the issue:

or help us pay the bills by purchasing Clarkesworld:

MARCH 2013 – ISSUE #78
“The Weight of a Blessing” by Aliette de Bodard
“The Last Survivor of the Great Sexbot Revolution” by A.C. Wise
“86, 87, 88, 89” by Genevieve Valentine

Videodrome at Thirty by Keith Phipps
Accepting a More Profitable Shoe: A Conversation with M. C. Planck by Jeremy L. C. Jones
Another Word: Original Sin by Alethea Kontis
Editor’s Desk: Forwards and Backwards by Neil Clarke

This month’s stories will be released in audio form on the 1st, 14th and 21st. Read by Kate Baker.

The Emperor’s Arrival by david Demaret

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