Clarkesworld is looking for a few slush readers

Clarkesworld Magazine is once again looking for slush readers. If you are interested, please fill out this application.

A few notes:

  1. This is an unpaid volunteer position.
  2. Slush readers & other staff are prohibited from submitting stories or articles to the magazine.
  3. You will be expected to read and provide comments on an average of at five stories per day.

7/6 Update: The form has closed and I am now reviewing applications.

10 thoughts on “Clarkesworld is looking for a few slush readers

  1. stuart says:

    I am in the UK, and a fan of sci-fi.
    I am interested in helping out. Not sure what else to say.

  2. M. Cross says:

    Is the prohibition against submitting to Clarkesworld for the duration of being a slusher, or is it permanent?

  3. KL says:

    Just wondering if these positions had been filled yet, and/or if those who have applied will be hearing back one way or the other.

    • Neil Clarke says:

      Not yet. I’ll continue accepting applications for a few more days and then shut down the form.

      I will be emailing all applicants when a decision has been made.

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