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Month: September 2011

Three Days to Go

In three days, Clarkesworld Magazine will celebrate its fifth anniversary. Month ago, I made the promise that if we had 500 subscribers to our ebook editions by then, that I'd add an extra story to each issue. Did we make it? You'll find out in three days. Want to make sure we did? Subscribe or spread the word.


Looking for Slush Readers

Clarkesworld Magazine is once again looking for slush readers. If you are interested, please fill out this application.

A few notes:

  1. This is an unpaid position.
  2. Slush readers & other staff are prohibited from submitting stories or articles to the magazine.
  3. You will be expected to read an average of at least five stories per day and provide comments on them.
  4. Some of the stories will burn your eyes.

Clarkesworld Subscriptions

Time is running out. A few months ago, I made the following promise:

If we hit 500 esubscriptions by our 5th Anniversary issue, I'll add an extra story to each issue.

We haven't reached our target, but we're close. We have until the end of September and with your help, I think we can make it.

Tell a friend. Tweet, post, blog or share. We need to get the word out there. I'm told that there are over 5000 people subscribed to Asimov's on the Kindle. We should appeal to at least some of those people, so it doesn't seem unrealistic to think that there are more than a few people that haven't heard about us.

Thanks to everyone that has helped spread the word (or will do so shortly). This means a lot to us and helps ensure that we'll be around another 5 years.

Feedback Please

Please give me your honest thoughts on this cover art and design. Feel free to consider them separately.

Nonfiction at Clarkesworld

Cheryl Morgan has informed me of her intention to step down as the non-fiction editor at Clarkesworld. She has stated some of the reasons on her blog and I don’t want to get into a discussion about that. While I would have much preferred her to continue working with us, I understand the situation and the path that brought her to this decision. I wish her all the best and will miss working with her. Cheryl, thanks for everything you’ve done for us at Clarkesworld and beyond.

To those of you reveling in her decision… it’s time to grow up and move on. I’m embarrassed to see some people I considered friends among you.

As for Clarkesworld, well, I’m looking for a new non-fiction editor. If you’re interested in being considered for the position, please email me at neil(at) I’ll need to know a bit about your experience (if any) and what you’d do with this opportunity. I’m not opposed to making changes, so include your suggestions.

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