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Month: August 2011

Irene headed this way…

Just wanted to let people know that there is a chance that Clarkesworld Magazine short story submissions may go without response for a few days. I live in a very wooded area in NJ that is just off the path that hurricane Irene is currently projected to take. The odds that some trees will come down and take out our electricity/internet (or worse) is pretty high. Further updates will be on twitter.

Clarkesworld Wins the Hugo for Best Semiprozine

I'm still exhausted from my trip to the Worldcon in Reno. Had a great time and saw lots of friends, but the highlight had to be this:

Clarkesworld Magazine won the Hugo Award for Best Semiprozine! That's Sean and Kate up there accepting the award with me. (Thanks to Stu Segal for the picture!) Sadly, Cheryl was unable to join us. Would have liked to have had the whole gang up there.

As David Hartwell read off the names of the nominees, we noticed that only one Hugo had been brought out and managed to convince one another that we had lost. We were completely stunned when they announced our name. My brain promptly shut down. The whole thing is a blur, and judging by the video, I had trouble remembering how to read a pre-written speech. All I know is that my hands were still shaking when I got back to my seat.

I'll have more to say later, but I just wanted to thank everyone for reading, voting, and supporting us over the years. We're incredibly honored.

Now, behold the big bright shiny thing that strikes fear into the hearts of airport security people in Reno:

Take a moment for the Semiprozines…

I'm slammed with last minute work, packing for Worldcon and various birthday hijinks today, but I did want a take a moment and encourage those of you who are attending Worldcon to lend a little support (again) to the plight of semiprozines. Yes, there are a few proposals on the table this year that will impact that Hugo Award category, so please check the site for details on how you can make your voice heard.

The Old Bookstore Inventory

I closed my bookstore several years ago and despite my best efforts, it still occupies a considerable chunk of my home. Over the years I’ve tried unloading them via Amazon, Ebay and conventions. The first two are good for the oddball collectible stuff I have, but useless with the trade editions and paperbacks. I’ve been successfully unloading boxes of books via half-price (or better) deals at cons, but the rate at which they leave the house is still too slow. (There is only so much I can fit in the van.) I need to do better. I want my house back.

Short of giving them away (not an option, but, in quantity, steeply discounted is), does anyone have any thoughts on methods that might make a dent? Most of the inventory is new/unread science fiction/fantasy/horror books – paperback, trade paperback and hardcover. Some magazines. All the money from these goes into the budget for Clarkesworld Magazine and Wyrm Publishing projects, so maybe there are some promotional opportunities. Dunno. Some con dealers have expressed an interest in the past. Maybe…

At this point, any suggestions are welcome.

Clarkesworld Magazine August 2011

The August issue of Clarkesworld Magazine is now online.

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