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Month: April 2011

The Things by Peter Watts on your ereader

In celebration of Peter Watts Hugo nomination for "The Things", we’ve discounted the ebook edition of the issue it appeared in to 99 cents.

You can purchase a copy at the following locations:

The price should also be updated at Wizard’s Tower and Weightless Books shortly.


Ebook Pricing continued…

I haven’t posted the results of my previous ebook pricing experiment because enough people convinced me to follow it up with a second experiment at $1.99 in a wider range of venues.

This month, Issue 55 has been available for $1.99 at Amazon, B&N, direct from us, Wizard’s Tower, and Weightless Books and despite reader feedback indicating that it was the correct price point, the response hasn’t scaled well with the data from our previous price points of $2.99 and 99 cents.

It has been pointed out to me that I did a lot more marketing on the 99 cent special than I did for the $1.99 special, so I thought I’d remind people about it and ask that everyone to keep spreading the word. If I can give any preview data away, it is that marketing is crucial and  word-of-mouth is the most powerful tool we have. (no big surprise there)

By the way, I left issue 54 at 99 cents on Amazon and B&N this month… that was a third (and final) experiment.

Thanks to everyone that has helped, shared, or purchased. I look forward to sharing the results of my research.

Hugo Nominations for Clarkesworld and Peter Watts

The 2011 Hugo Nominees were announced yesterday. I feel very honored that Hugo voters have nominated Clarkesworld for Best Semiprozine and "The Things" by Peter Watts for Best Short Story. You made my day.

Thank you!

Congratulations to Peter Watts!

With yesterday’s announcement of the Shirley Jackson Award nominees, "The Things" by Peter Watts (text, audio, Kindle, epub) appears to be on track to becoming Clarkesworld’s most widely acclaimed story. I couldn’t be happier for Peter and he’s in great company for the SJA. So far, "The Things" has received the following recognition:

Award Win

  • 2010 Black Quill Awards, Best Dark Scribble (Editor’s Choice)

Award Nominations

  • 2010 Parsec Award for Best Speculative Fiction Story (Short Form) (finalist, not winner)
  • 2010 BSFA Award for Best Short Fiction (winner will be announced shortly)
  • 2010 Shirley Jackson Award for Best Short Story (winner will be announced at Readercon)

Year’s Best Inclusions

Honorable Mentions


  • 2010 Locus Recommended Reading List

Congratulations Peter!

April Clarkesworld Magazine Ebooks

The April issue of Clarkesworld Magazine is now available in ebook form. This month, we continue to tinker with price, tentatively landing at $1.99. (Full analysis of last month’s ebook experiment and our future plans will be posted later this month.)

Issue 55 is currently available from:

and features fiction from E. Lily Yu and Erin M. Hartshorn, an article on linguistics and world-building by Brit Mandelo, an interview with John Scalzi and art by Georgi Markov.

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