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Ebook pricing and purchasing questions

As I continue to work on the ebook strategy for Clarkesworld Magazine, it find myself in need of more data. I’d appreciate it if you could take a few minutes to answer these questions:


Hugo Award Nominations Close Tonight

Nominations for the Hugo Awards and John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer close today, March 26th, at 23:59 PDT.

The online ballot form can be found here. (You need to have a PIN from Worldcon to vote.)

The nomination process is important and I urge anyone than can nominate to do so. It’s painless and great way for you to show some appreciation to your favorite authors, editors, artists, filmmakers, etc. You don’t have to have read or seen everything to be qualified… you just have to have an opinion about what you have seen or read.

As I’ve mentioned previously, Clarkesworld is eligible in Semiprozine, I’m eligible in Editor Short form, and all of our fiction is eligible in either the short story or novelette categories (see post for category breakdowns). Naturally, I’d be thrilled to have you consider nominating our work, but whether or not you’d pick our work, thank you for nominating. As a previous nominee and winner, I can tell you that it means a lot.

Two quick plugs:

The Campbell Award for Best New Writer is a favorite of mine, but it never seems to receive as many nominations as it should. The most common excuse I’ve heard is that people have difficulty knowing who’s eligible. Writertopia has a convenient list that can help you work past that. There are a lot of very talented authors listed there and you should be able to find more than a few to throw your support behind.

Please consider nominating Sheila Williams from Asimov’s in the Best Editor Short Form category. A win for her is long overdue in this category and she should be on the final ballot. I would shocked if she didn’t receive a nomination, but we should never take things for granted.

Thanks! I look forward to seeing what everyone picks this year.

PS. Looking for some recommendations? Try these places:
NESFA’s Hugo Recommended Reading List
Whatever’s Pimpage Post
Livejournal Hugo Recommend Community

Clarkesworld Submissions

Ok, I’ve finished the software update and Clarkesworld Magazine is once again open to submissions.


Sorry for the short notice, but a surprise change to our server has required that I close Clarkesworld to submissions for a couple of days so we can update our submissions system software. During this time, you won’t be able to check the status of any pending submissions. I’ll post here when we’re back online.

My Lunacon Schedule

I’ll be commuting to Lunacon this weekend. Hope to see some of you there.

They’ve put me on the following panels:

Devil in the Details (Friday 18:00)
Understanding copyright, contracts, and other business esoterica that influence a writer’s potential for success.
Sally Wiener Grotta, Neil Clarke

How NOT to get published
(Saturday 11:00)
Tips on submissions, contacting agents, and all the other myriad challenges that face an aspiring author. What works, what doesn’t, and what will work against you completely.
Neal Levin, Neil Clarke, Esther Friesner, Ginjer Buchanan, Lawrence Schoen,

Size Doesn’t Matter: The Impact of Small Genre Press (Saturday 18:00)
More and more authors are getting their start in small press publications, and more established writers are contributing to small press to broaden their audience. What are the benefits and detriments of small press publishing? Where do you find good small press? Can you, should you, start your own?
Neil Clark, Ian Randal Strock, David Sklar, Ben Yalow

Short Fiction and Its 9 Lives (Saturday 19:00)
Though some have been predicting its demise for years, why hasn’t short fiction died yet? Are we really entering into a new golden age for short fiction?
Neil Clarke, Ian Randal Strock, Steven Sawicki, Michael Swanwick

E-publishing 101 (Saturday 23:00)
How to E-publish, What are the benefits, and where is it going from here?
Sally Weiner Grotta, Daniel Grotta ,Neal Levin, Neal Clarke, Ef Deal

To E- or Not to E-
(Sunday 11:00)
A lively (and hopefully friendly!) discussion between print and epublishers as they discuss the merits and flaws of both kinds of publishing as well as the effect e-publishing can have on the industry, both now and in the future.
Neil Clarke, Hildy Silverman, Dennis McCunney, Andrew Wheeler

Ebook Experiments

Our experiment with the 99 cent ebook edition of Clarkesworld continues onward. Meanwhile, I’ve noticed that a few of our authors have been running ebook experiments of their own:

I look forward to comparing the results of our little experiments and hope that you’ll consider supporting all of us by spreading the word, buying copies and reviewing them.

PS. If I missed any CW authors that have been testing the ebook waters this month, please let me know.

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