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Rich Horton Summaries: Clarkesworld Magazine

Rich Horton is blogging his way through his annual summary of short fiction markets. The other day, he covered Clarkesworld Magazine and mentioned the following stories as being among our best of the year:

"Year’s Best" Stories
"The Things" by Peter Watts (will be included in Rich’s The Year’s Best Science Fiction and Fantasy, 2011 Edition)

"Strong" Stories

"Between Two Dragons" by Yoon Ha Lee
"The Cull" by Robert Reed
"The History Within Us" by Matthew Kressel

"Very Fine" Stories
"My Father’s Singularity" by Brenda Cooper
"A Jar of Goodwill" by Tobias Buckell
"January" by Becca de La Rosa
"Beach Blanket Spaceship" by Sandra McDonald

Look what just landed under our Christmas Tree

Clarkesworld Magazine‘s Hugo Award arrived today. Can’t wait to show the kids!

other ebooks I’ve designed…

It’s been pointed out that I should mention the other ebooks I’ve designed or published (original list here):

Designed and Published
Realms 1: The First Year of Clarkesworld Magazine edited by Nick Mamatas and Sean Wallace
Realms 2: The Second Year of Clarkesworld Magazine edited by Nick Mamatas and Sean Wallace
Last Drink Bird Head edited by Jeff and Ann VanderMeer
Clarkesworld Magazine  Issues 21-51 are currently available. I’m working backwards through the rest of them.

Lightspeed Magazine Issues June-December 2010

The above links take you to Amazon Kindle editions. You can get ePub files for your Nook, Sony, iPad, etc. from B&N.

ebooks I’ve designed…

Over the last few months, I’ve been doing some freelance ebook design for Prime Books. A bunch of them just went live on Amazon and are now available for the Kindle:

Digital Domains edited by Ellen Datlow
The Hugo Award Showcase: 2010 Edition edited by Mary Robinette Kowal
The Year’s Best Science Fiction & Fantasy: 2009 Edition edited by Rich Horton
The Year’s Best Science Fiction & Fantasy: 2010 Edition edited by Rich Horton
The Ware Tetralogy by Rudy Rucker
The Return of the Sorcerer: The Best of Clark Ashton Smith by Clark Ashton Smith
Federations edited by John Joseph Adams (new ebook edition, same content)
The Year’s Best Dark Fantasy & Horror: Volume 1 edited by Paula Guran
Zombies: The Recent Dead edited by Paula Guran
The Secret History of Moscow by Ekaterina Sedia
The Alchemy of Stone by Ekaterina Sedia
The House of Discarded Dreams by Ekaterina Sedia
Running with the Pack edited by Ekaterina Sedia
People of the Book edited by Rachel Swirsky and Sean Wallace
Sleeping Helena by Erzebet YellowBoy

Want ePub editions? They are also available at B&N for the Nook and other ePub devices.

If you notice any problems with those, please let me know. I’ll fix them and send the book back to the publisher.

Give the Gift of Citizenship this Holiday Season

Stumped for a holiday gift this year? Why not consider the gift of Clarkesworld citizenship? With your donation of $10 or more to Clarkesworld Magazine, you are entitled to place someone’s name (if not your own) on our official census list. Our census list is published as a special appendix in each volume of Realms, the annual Clarkesworld print anthology.

Want to have more fun? Set yourself up as a Bürgermeister, Royalty or an Overlord and then add your friends/family/enemies as minions in your service. Mix and match. Have some fun. We’ll even list them as your minions online and in print. Want to be more creative than we’ve allowed? Email us.

All donations received this holiday season will be put towards our annual fiction budget. We count on this support to be able to continue to offer you free fiction. Your support means a lot to us.

Just for fun… the cost of paper submissions

I started this and got a little carried away. Where I can, I document the places I’m pulling some of the assumed averages from, but there are pieces, like the postal costs, which came from Twitter friends. This is far from a scientific study. (Our esub system restricts the number of submissions someone can send us in a month. This could have been much worse.)

Average number of Clarkesworld Magazine submissions per month for 2010: 700
Approximate average number of words per submission: 5000

Average number of words per page: 275
Number of pages in a ream of paper: 500
Approximate total of 1 page cover letters per year: 8400
Approximate total of 1 page acceptance or rejection letters per year: 8400
Envelopes would have been used: 16800
Case of 500 envelopes: 4 pounds
Approximate weight of envelopes: 137.75

If Clarkesworld took paper submissions:

We would have received 26.9 reams of paper per month, or 322.8 reams per year.
We would have sent 8400 letters.

According to this site (and using their assumptions/approximations):

Pounds per ream: 5
Pounds CO2 released per pound of paper: 6.1

Pounds of Clarkesworld submissions in a year: 1614
Pounds of CO2 released by above submissions: 9854.4
Pounds of CO2 released by response letters: 512.4
TOTAL Pounds of CO2 released by sheets of paper in the submissions process: 10366.8
Pounds of CO2 released by envelopes: 840.37
TOTAL Pounds of CO2 released by paper products in the submissions process: 11207.17

Production of 1 ton of copy paper produces 2,278 lb of solid waste.
Tons of paper products in submissions process for one year: 0.92
Pounds of solid waste in production of paper used for one year of submissions: 2095
Production of 1 ton of copy paper uses 11134 kWh (approx. energy used by avg. household in 10 months)
kWh used in production of paper for one year of submissions: 10243.28 (avg. household 9 months, 6 days)


Assuming weekly trips to the PO box:
52 trips to the post office, 4 miles round trip, 208 miles
1 gallon of gas produces 19.4 pounds of CO2.
My car gets approximately 20 miles per gallon.
TOTAL Pounds of CO2 released by picking up paper submissions: 201.76
Postal Expenses:
Postage to send a submission within US (with return postage for letter): $1.73+0.44, $2.17
Postage to send a submission outside the US: $6.30
Approximate percentage of submissions from outside the US: 30
Approximate postal cost of US submissions: $12759.60
Approximate postal cost of international submissions: $15876
Total postal cost: $28635.60
USPS shipping 16800 letters.
I have no idea what it takes to ship all that, but I know that some people will argue that the computer I use and the internet have significant CO2 impact even though they would be on anyway… so I’ll cut them so slack and assume the USPS would be shipping things anyway. Let’s call it even. Your planes. My computer. (Some interesting information about the impact of the internet and computers can be found here.)

And yes, I know that we probably get a lot more submissions than we would if we only took paper subs… Like the title says, this was all for fun.

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