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Unplugged at B&N

I’ve never seen a book I published in a bookstore until now… 

Unplugged at B&N

UNPLUGGED: The Web’s Best Sci-Fi & Fantasy: 2008 Download ed. by Rich Horton

Thanks Barnes and Noble!

Next time you’re in one, stop by and say hi to the little robot. Perhaps you could even consider giving it a good home.

Clarkesworld and the Hugo Awards

Just a casual reminder… the Hugo nomination period ends on March 13th. You may nominate for the 2010 Hugo and John W. Campbell Awards if you either:

  • Are an attending or supporting member of Aussiecon 4 (the 2010 World Science Fiction Convention) on or before January 31, 2010 12:59 UTC/GMT
  • Were an attending, weekend, single day or supporting member of Anticipation (the 2009 World Science Fiction Convention)

Information on nominating can be found here.

Last year, I was fortunate enough to be a nominee. It was an incredible honor and a great source of inspiration. If you think that Clarkesworld Magazine deserves another shot at the Best Semiprozine Hugo, please nominate us and/or consider some of our short stories for the short story category. I’m quite proud of my staff and the work we published in 2009. I hope we’ve earned your nomination and that you’ll consider spreading the word.

Thank you!

Audio Versions of Clarkesworld Nebula-Nominated Stories

For those of you who prefer your fiction in audio form, both Nebula-nominated short stories from Clarkesworld are available for download or by subscribing to our podcast.

By the way, a big thank you to all of you that have emailed, IM’ed, or commented with congratulations.

Clarkesworld Stories on the Nebula Ballot!

And now for the high point of my day (and the good news I’ve been sitting on)…

I am very excited to announce that TWO stories from Clarkesworld Magazine have been nominated for the Nebula Award!

Whoo-hoo! Congratulations to Nora and Kij!

What a Day

I’m riding an emotional roller coaster today. The lows were dirty mean angering lows. The highs were woo-hoo hands-in-the-air rewarding highs. In between, friends and family made the difference. 

Tomorrow, I get to deal with the low… and tell you about one of the highs.

The Day the Snow Dalek Visited the Clarke House

Because I have to share… please visit my wife’s blog for details on snapshot into my life:

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