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Month: May 2009

Clarkesworld Magazine: Why we don’t accept paper submissions.

Why We Don’t Accept Paper Submissions

Electronic submissions are very convenient for writers and editors. Paper submissions are a nuisance.  Here are the reasons we do not accept them:

  • On average, we’d waste 400 pages of paper per month and hours of our time printing letters, stuffing envelopes and going to the post office.
  • I hate going to the post office.
  • I think making you pay to submit a story to us is unfair.
  • I think making you waste paper is wrong and inefficient.
  • The risk that your submission or our reply is lost is greatly reduced by managing the entire process through an online submissions system.
  • Our staff is scattered around the country. A centralized online system for submissions allows us all to share and manage documents efficiently. We can manage slush wherever and whenever we want.
  • We receive submissions from all around the world. It should be no more difficult or costly for them to submit a story and get a quick response than it is for someone in my home town.
  • I have found it much easier to organize online submissions. My experience as an editor is enhanced by powerful search and reporting tools.
  • We receive an average of 400 submissions per month. I don’t have room for all that paper.
  • My children would use your stories as scrap paper.
  • Paper cuts are too painful. (Thanks pabba)

Clarkesworld Magazine – May 2009 Now Available

The May Issue of Clarkesworld Magazine is now available online. If you enjoy it, please consider a donation, book purchase, or just spread the word.

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