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Semiprozine Hugo Nominee Week

2009 Semiprozine Hugo Nominee Week kicks off today at with a profile of Weird Tales. The site has been going a month now and I’m happy that we’ve been able to spotlight so many semiprozines and their accomplishments. We’ll keep plugging away, so if you have suggestions for things you’d like to see covered/featured there, please let me know.

By the way, last week, we set up a Facebook Page, so you can show your semiprozine support by joining that page. We also have a badge similar to the icon I’m using for this post (which you can steal too) here and use on your blog, website, etc.

My Little Adventure

Last night, around 11:15, I started feeling a pain on the left side of my chest. It persisted and began to make me nervous, especially considering my doctor had just put me on the South Beach Diet because my cholesterol was way off. Some of the things that he said made me think we should play it safe and call 911. Lisa gave me some aspirin and within a few minutes the police showed up. They started me on oxygen and slowly our house filled with 8 or 9 people checking this and that and then packaging me up for a trip to the hospital. My blood pressure was elevated (I’m on medicine for high blood pressure, but this was high even for me) and they rigged me up to an EKG before leaving. Interestingly, they left the IV for when we were in motion and bouncing around. I’m sure that didn’t help my blood pressure… I have an irrational fear of needles. (This almost caused me not to call them in the first place. Fortunately, I know it’s irrational.)

On the way there, they gave me more aspirin, quizzed me, sprayed (I think nitro) under my tongue 4-5 times, and then just as we pulled into hospital, injected something into my IV. Whatever it was, it caused my vision to lose horizontal hold (for those old enough to remember such things) and I became nauseous and sick. I couldn’t focus on anything and this, naturally, was when they had to move me and my octopus of cabling to a hospital bed. After shaving some of my chest hair, they applied more sticky tabs (I look like my kids attacked me with stickers while I slept) and jacked me into their system. More quizzing, *GASP* blood taken, and then I was left there with my monitors, blood pressure thingy, and the cast of the soap opera that is the hospital and my fellow roommates. (Oh, the stories I can tell.)

Just as the horizontal hold started to come under control, I was wheeled out for X-rays and asked to stand, which was probably quite amusing for the tech. Three x-rays and three more blood tests later, I still didn’t know what was going on. Sleep was out of the question. Every 15 minutes, the blood pressure machine goes off and squeezes me back to reality. Across the hall,  there is a guy screaming bloody murder. He wasn’t in pain, he was just being one. On top of that, anytime I come close to dozing for a few seconds, an alarm on my monitor goes off. Somewhere around 6, they started filling me in on little details and that helped me relax a bit. It wasn’t my heart, but I’m supposed to follow up with my doctor and take it easy for a few days. The pain stopped about 2 hours in, but that alone wasn’t comforting enough.

Lisa stayed home with the kids. They never woke up when all this was going on and there was no sense in worrying them. I called home around 6:30 to let her know that they "were pulling the plugs on me" and that they could pick me up. They all bundled into the van to come get me, and not wanting to be among the walking dead of the emergency room, I waited outside on a bench. I must have been quite a sight, unshowered, hair-wild, and still covered in tabs and bandages on my arms. When I got home, I took care of a couple of things and promptly collapsed into bed, tags and all. Sleep comes a lot more quickly when you know everything is going to be ok.

Million Writers Award Notable Stories of 2008

The storySouth Million Writers Award Notable Stories of 2008 list is out. The following Clarkesworld stories were selected:

Congratulations to Jay, Yoon, Cat and Catherynne!

Tides from the New Worlds

Hey Eamonn, what did that big truck just deliver?

Nice. Why don’t you hold it a little higher so I can see who wrote it?

Many pictures later… ok, box of books, can you sit still better than a 6-year-old?

Thank you!  That’s TIDES FROM THE NEW WORLDS the signed limited edition short story collection by Tobias S. Buckell! YAY!
Copies begin shipping tomorrow.

March Fiction Submissions Stats for Clarkesworld

The March fiction submission statistics for Clarkesworld Magazine are very similar to those for February. There were very minor increases in submissions from men and people outside the United States. The only category with any statistically valid changes was first time submissions, where we saw a significant increase in the number of submissions from returning female authors.

Submissions Processed: 431

Average Response Time: 1.40 days

Gender Breakdown:
279 Men (64.73%), 0 acceptances
152 Women (35.27%), 1 acceptance

First Time Submissions*:
164 Men (58.78% of all submissions from men)
84 Women (55.26% of all submissions from women)

Countries with Two or More Submissions:

US 76.33%
Canada 6.5%
UK 6.26%
Australia 3.94%
Germany 1.39%
Taiwan 0.46%
Thailand 0.46%
India 0.46%
Sweden 0.46%
Ireland 0.46%
Republic of Korea 0.46

* The tracking system has only been in place since September 2008, so "first time" may actually be first time since then.

April Issue of Clarkesworld Magazine

The April Issue of Clarkesworld Magazine is now available online.

Would have mentioned it yesterday, but between all the stuff and it being my wife and I’s 14th anniversary, there just wasn’t enough time.

Rolling Steel: A Pre-Apocalyptic Love Story by Jay Lake and Shannon Page
Rolling Steel: A Pre-Apocalyptic Love Story (AUDIO VERSION) by Jay Lake and Shannon Page, read by Shaun Farrell and Mur Lafferty
The Dying World by Lavie Tidhar

From Dead Gods to Guys in Lizard Costumes: Six Questions for James Morrow by Jason S. Ridler
Where’s My Flying Car? The Future of Personal Aviation by Joyce Frohn

Torturing Poor Mushroom by Blaz Porenta


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