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Month: March 2009

Latest Clarkesworld Magazine Acceptance

We’ve just accepted "The Devonshire Arms" by Alex Dally MacFarlane (alankria) for publication in Clarkesworld Magazine later this year.


Clarkesworld Magazine is a 2009 Hugo Nominee for Best Semiprozine!

Wow!  Thanks to everyone who voted for us. This is such an honor. Thank you!

Lunacon 2009 Schedule

I’ll be attending Lunacon in Rye Brook, NY later this month and have been scheduled for the following panels:

The Future of Short Fiction (Saturday 10-11am)
There have been troubling signs recently, like the loss of Realms of Fantasy, F&SF switching to a bi-monthly schedule, and declining subscriptions. At the same time, there’s the rise of online magazines, the recent rebirth of anthology series, and more. How is the short fiction landscape in SFF changing.
Linda Anfuso, Neil Clarke[M], Marvin Kaye, Hildy Silverman, Shane Tourtellotte

The State of Small Press Publishing (Saturday 11am-12pm)
Are the small mammals nipping at the heels of the dinosaurs? With the NY publishing houses being much more selective, more is falling onto the small press and several of them are doing quite well.
Neil Clarke[M], Robert Katz, Lawrence M. Schoen, Michael Walsh, Ben Yalow

Magazine Editors’ Roundtable (Saturday 12-1pm)
What are magazine editors looking for, what are they seeing too much of, what annoys them, and what makes some writers a pleasure to work with.
Christopher Cevasco, Neil Clarke, Wendy S. Delmater, Marvin Kaye, Hildy Silverman, Gordon Van Gelder[M]

Online Fiction (Sunday 1-2pm)
Where are the places to find good short stories, novels, etc. There are a number of SFWA pro markets publishing online, Tor made a big jump into the field this year with and free novels, authors like Tobias Buckell, Charles Stross, and Cory Doctorow giving books away for free… there is a lot for people who are reading on a budget!
Neil Clarke, Laura Anne Gilman, Nathan Lilly[M]

Anyone else going to be there?

Clarkesworld’s February Slush Statistics

And not it is time for another episode of Confessions of a Clarkesworld Magazine Slush Statistics Junky!

Submissions Processed: 420 (new record)

Average Response Time: 1.41 days (worse at the start of the month, better at the end)

Gender Breakdown:
266 Men (63.33%), 0 acceptances
154 Women (36.67%), 1 acceptances (percentage continues to increase, yay!)

First Time Submissions*:
153 Men (57.52% of all submissions from men)
99 Women (64.29% of all submissions from women)

Countries with Three or More Submissions:
US 77.86%  (slight increase, was hoping to move in the other direction)
Canada 6.43%
UK 5.48%
Australia 2.86%
Germany 1.43%
Ireland 0.71%
Japan 0.71%
Netherlands 0.6%

* The tracking system has only been in place since September 2008, so "first time" may actually be first time since then.

March Issue of Clarkesworld Magazine

The March Issue of Clarkesworld Magazine is now available online.

The results from our 2008 Reader’s Poll are included in this issue. I finished tallying the votes this morning and was surprised by how many votes I had to toss. We had some ballot stuffing last year, but nothing like this. One person tried to vote 21 times.

Herding Vegetable Sheep by Ekaterina Sedia
Herding Vegetable Sheep (AUDIO VERSION) by Ekaterina Sedia, read by Kate Baker
The Loyalty of Birds by Rachel Sobel

An Interview with Tobias Buckell by Jeremy L. C. Jones
Remake Love, Not War by Daniel M. Kimmel
2008 Reader’s Poll Results

The Wish by Harout Demirchyan


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