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Computer World and Online Books & Zines

"Since I tend to read a lot of science fiction/fantasy stories, I can cite several samples in that genre. They include Strange Horizons, a professional-level speculative fiction magazine; Farrago’s Wainscot, a compendium of weird tales; and Clarkesworld, which features some of today’s best new authors."
— From "Don’t have a Kindle 2? Try these online book sites" by Barbara Krasnoff published in Computer World Magazine.

I’ve been working in technology for 20 years, so a mention in Computer World is cool to me.

An Empty Slush Pile is a Sad Slush Pile

All submissions received before 1:00pm EST today have been read, processed, and replied to. The slush pile is now empty.

If you submitted a  a story to Clarkesworld Magazine and haven’t heard back from us, check in at the tracking system with your ticket or drop an email to

Our submissions guidelines can be found at:

Accepted at Clarkesworld Magazine

On the average, I can purchase 12 stories from the Clarkesworld slush pile in a year. I’ve just passed the halfway mark with the acceptance of The Giving Heart by Corie Ralston, which we’ll probably publish in the April or May issue.

Just because I’m such a stats junkie… Of the six, we have an even split of stories by men and women. Next month’s story is a first sale. I believe one of last month’s was the author’s first published story, but second sale. Two stories came from outside the US. Oh and apparently the odds of a slush pile story being accepted are about 1 in 250.

Recording Panels at Conventions

Does anyone have any experience making reasonably good audio recordings of panels at conventions?  I’m looking for something reasonably priced and simple to do the job. Any advice would be appreciated. Assume for the sake of this conversation, that I have the permission of those involved.

Summer in Paris, Light from the Sky by Ken Scholes

Summer in Paris, Light from the Sky by Ken Scholes was published in Clarkesworld back in November 2007. In my opinion, this is one of the best stories we’ve ever published. It’s currently on the preliminary Nebula ballot and later this year, it will be included in Realms: The Second Year of Clarkesworld Magazine (available for preorder soon). Why the recap?  Well, I’m pleased to say that the story has been picked up by the very smart folks at EscapePod, so now it is also available for your listening pleasure.

They felt the need to tack a lot of warnings and disclaimers on the start of this one. I was amused.

Sometimes my life in education crosses into my life in publishing…

Sometimes my day job (educational technology) and my publishing interests intersect. The January/February 2009 issue of Educause Review (Educause is the professional organization for people working in technology and education) weighs in on something I’ve been talking about for years: ebooks and college textbooks. For those interested in the subject, check out the following pieces, all available for free:

The Case of the Textbook: Open or Closed?
As the price of college/university textbooks continues to rise, new electronic models and various “open” options are being proposed from all sides: by publishers, by students, and by authors and institutions.



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