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Clarkesworld Slush Update

All of the stories in the inbox have been read and processed! If you submitted a story to Clarkesworld Magazine and have not heard back from us, please email me at

There were a few near misses and one acceptance in this latest batch of slush, but no acceptances.

We will reopen for submissions on September 20th.

Slush Readers for Clarkesworld Magazine

Clarkesworld Magazine is currently looking for a few slush readers to handle first pass reading of fiction submissions. Depending on their speed, candidates should expect to work between five and ten hours per week. Prior experience not required.

This position is unpaid, but we will happily write letters of recommendation or process internship paperwork as necessary. After one month review period, readers are added to the staff listing and become eligible to receive a free copy of Realms, the annual Clarkesworld anthology.

Interested parties should contact Neil Clarke at by August 31st. Please include answers to the following:

1. Name
2. Preferred email address
3. Why you’d like to do this
4. A bit about your experience (done this before, are you a writer, how long have you been reading short fiction in this genre)
5. How long you’ve been reading Clarkesworld
6. Three favorite CW stories
7. Least favorite CW story and why
8. What magazines you read
9. Three favorite short fiction authors
10. Rank in order: Fantasy, Horror, Science Fiction

All applications will be kept confidential.

8/23 4:45pm  Slush readers cannot submit stories to Clarkesworld.

Staffing Changes at Clarkesworld Magazine

Since Nick resigned as editor at Clarkesworld Magazine to take a position at Viz Media, several people have contacted me to express their interest in the position. I had hoped to have the whole thing settled at Readercon, but instead, I left the convention with more candidates on my list and some thought-provoking comments from friends and colleagues.

In the weeks since, I’ve spent a lot of time reconsidering where I’d like Clarkesworld to go and the organizational structure needed to get there. I launched Clarkesworld as a fiction magazine, but in the last year, non-fiction has grown to be an important aspect of what we do. I’ve come to the conclusion that the non-fiction responsibilities once handled by Nick should become an independent position. Towards that end, I’ve asked Ekaterina Sedia to join us as interim Non-Fiction Editor while details about the position are ironed out. I’m very pleased to say that she accepted.

Despite our recent emphasis on non-fiction, my favorite part of Clarkesworld has always been the fiction. I’m a huge fan of short fiction and, for some time, I’ve wanted to take a more active role in that aspect of the magazine. After a great deal of consideration, I have decided to take on the responsibility of editor for the unsolicited stories. Sean will continue on as editor of the solicited fiction.

During the next month, we’ll continue to clear out the remaining stories in our inbox, recruit a team of slush readers (details to follow), and tweak the submission guidelines a bit. We will reopen to submissions on September 20th.

Questions welcome.

Clarkesworld Audio Fiction

The time seemed right to set up a few feeds and feed-related resources for Clarkesworld Magazine‘s audio fiction, so…



Podcast Alley:

More to come…

Clarkesworld Submissions Update

Someone very kindly pointed out to me that my wording on the submissions page at Clarkesworld could be mistaken as saying that we’re never re-opening to submissions. Since that’s definitely not the case, I’ve updated the page to indicate that we will reopen sometime later this Summer. Why so vague? Well, there is still the staffing issue to finish up and there are some submissions still in the slush that we want to clear out before letting anymore in.

For those of you waiting for a response, my apologies for the delay. Nick has moved onto his new job and the rest of us will be finishing out the pile. This also means that the era of personalized rejections letters at Clarkesworld is coming to an end. I know many people enjoyed receiving those pearls (probably would have enjoyed acceptances more), but it isn’t a sustainable process at the moment. Should anyone feel the need to withdraw their story from consideration, they can email me at books(at) and I’ll be happy to take care of it for you.

August Issue of Clarkesworld Magazine

The August issue of Clarkesworld Magazine has been posted. Free as usual. Please spread the word. 🙂

Blue Ink by Yoon Ha Lee
Blue Ink by Yoon Ha Lee as read by Cat Rambo (audio)
Tetris Dooms Itself by Meghan McCarron
Her Mother’s Ghosts by Theodora Goss

Writing My Mother’s Ghosts by Theodora Goss
An Interview with Gene Wolfe by Jeremy L. C. Jones

Cover Art
“083” by Dan Hazelton and Jesse Smith

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