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Anyone know someone looking for a roommate at Readercon next month?

Clarkesworld Books Summer Sale

Clarkesworld Holiday Sale was so much fun (not to mention good at clearing out books) that I’ve decided to do a Summer Sale.

Clarkesworld Books is open now through the end of July, with a minimum order of $35 and lot of books at nice prices.

The goal this time around is to sell off enough books that I can move my office and give my two children the bigger room. They don’t know about this, but I hope to surprise them with the move sometime this summer. Every book you buy helps get me closer to make these two happier…

Oh and I even added Realms and Memorare to the Clarkesworld Books catalog so you can pick up copies of Wyrm’s latest books while you feast on the remains of my last business…

Please spread the word!

Clarkesword Update

I understand that there has been a little confusion. All questions concerning the soon-vacant editor position at Clarkesworld Magazine should be addressed to Neil Clarke at I will be sharing the names of any interested parties with both Nick and Sean and expect to have the position filled by the end of July.


Realms is Available and the Clarkesworld Census

Yesterday, I finished shipping all the preordered (and paid for) copies of REALMS: THE FIRST YEAR OF CLARKESWORLD MAGAZINE (trade paperback and hardcover). Amazon, Powells, and other dealers should have their copies in the next week or so, but the best way to support Clarkesworld is to order direct from us at Wyrm Publishing. Every penny we make from this book goes towards paying for the fiction and non-fiction published by Clarkesworld.

Don’t want the book, but still want to help out? Well, we have a list of things that can you can do, some of which cost you absolutely nothing.

We’re also trying something new this year: the Clarkesworld Census. Basically, anyone who donates $10 or more becomes a citizen of Clarkesworld. The second volume of Realms will contain a census that lists the names (or appropriate aliases) of each citizen. So, $10 and you’re in the book… unless you don’t want to be. 🙂

Clarkesworld and Nick Mamatas

As you may have already heard, Nick Mamatas has accepted an editor position with Viz Media. I’m quite pleased for him. This is an excellent opportunity and I’m sure he’ll do very well there. Unfortunately, this also means that Nick will be leaving his position at Clarkesworld Magazine. As one of the founding editors, Nick has played a big role in establishing Clarkesworld and his experience and expertise will be missed.

Fortunately, Nick has several months of fiction booked up, so that gives me adequate time to find his successor. Effective immediately, I am closing Clarkesworld to submissions at the end of the month. (This has no impact on the stories Sean, our other editor, solicits for his slot.) Authors who already have a story in slush (or assigned non-fiction) should not be concerned. Nick has agreed to continue reading what we’ve already received and will continue doing so until I’ve hired a new editor or the slush has been cleared, whichever comes first. 

More details on Nick’s new job can be found here. Go congratulate him!

* Correction: We’re closing to submissions at the end of the month since some crazy people might get the wrong impression if we close submissions immediately. *sigh*

Hmmm… What’s on Yonder Truck?

Here it comes down the driveway…

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