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Clarkesworld Reader’s Poll: Best Cover Art for 2007

The first annual Clarkesworld Magazine Reader’s Poll is over. The cover art poll wrapped up this afternoon and the winners are:

Third Place
“The Truth” by Natasha Nesterova

Second Place (Tie)
“Aeropolis” by Tomasz Maronski
“Light” by Naomi Chen

First Place
“Cardboard Box” by Serj Iulian

Final Results

Clarkesworld Books Post-Holiday Sale Ends Today

Clarkesworld Books brief return from the dead ends tonight.  I have to admit that it’s been a lot of fun to be able to do this again, even if just for a few weeks.  A lot of last minute orders are coming in and I figure I’ll spend a good portion of the weekend working on them.  The goal is to have the last of them packed up and shipped by early next week.

What happens next?  Well, there is still a lot in inventory left, so I have some work to do. Here’s how it will work:

  • The website will remain up for dealer orders over $200.  (I’ve decided that I don’t need any more proof of being a dealer than an ability to pay.  You spend that much, you might as well be a dealer.  I’m looking at it the same way our legal system looks at the purchase of other types of drugs.)
  • I’ll have tables at Readercon, Albacon, and CapClave.  I’m also willing to deliver books to Boskone if you email me.
  • Interested authors can email me about buying their books at my cost, which varies from publisher to publisher.
  • Perhaps some Ebay auctions, but they are tinkering with the fees again and I’ve just about had enough of that. I’m looking at alternatives.

I’m not sure what time I’ll switch the site back to dealer orders, so if you sneak in sometime past midnight and the website accepts your order, I’ll process it.  Oh and since I’ve extended this offer to others, if you don’t have money right now, but really really really want something we have, I’d be happy to set it aside for up to a month for you.

Will the zombie bookstore rise again?   Maybe.  If it does, it won’t be for a while.

Cover Art for February Issue of Clarkesworld

A Day Without You – Second Phase
by Serj Iulian

Our February issue marks the third time that Serj’s artwork has graced the cover of Clarkesworld Magazine.  So far, only one other artist has sold more than one cover to us. 

If you’re an artist and think your art belongs on our covers, check out our submission guidelines.  Who knows, maybe one of you will be able to take the crown from our reigning champ.

Paul Tremblay makes the Stoker Ballot


 : The preliminary ballot for the Stoker Award is out.  Paul Tremblay’s Clarkesworld story, “There’s No Light Between Floors“, is up the award in the Superior Achievement in Short Fiction category. Among the competition is “The Teacher” (Chizine) also published by Paul.

 Congratulations Paul!  Best of luck!

Win a Free Copy of Realms: The First Year of Clarkesworld Magazine

Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist is currently running a contest for a copy of REALMS: THE FIRST YEAR OF CLARKESWORLD MAGAZINE. Pat has one of the best SF&F blogs out there, so go check it out!

Congratulations Carrie!

Rich Horton has posted the “almost final” table of contents for his Year’s Best books. Congratulations to Carrie Laben!  Her story, “Something in the Mermaid Way” (Clarkesworld Magazine, March 2007), will grace the pages of Rich’s Fantasy Best of the Year 2008 edition.  

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