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Memorare (again)

Here is the cover art for Memorare by Gene Wolfe.  Bob Eggleton emailed me the final version this afternoon and I’m quite pleased. This fits the story very well.

Next up, cover design.

Memorare by Gene Wolfe

Bob Eggleton has posted a preliminary sketch of the cover for the signed limited edition of Memorare!  I’m quite pleased with it how it turned out and he tells me that he might have it finished soon. 

A New Logo and a Couple of Hours in Dreamweaver

Once again, I have reason to thank Mary.  The logo on the left is something Mary whipped up for us in the last week, again proving she’s very good, fast, and easy to work with. 

Today, I spent a couple of hours in Dreamweaver redesigning the website.  I’m happy with the improvements, but still see a few things I want to tweak and text I want to toss and rewrite.  It never ends and knowing that, I’ve stopped for today. 

Feedback, as always, is welcome.

T minus 20 Days and Counting

Clarkesworld Books closes in 20 days.

If you preorder Realms from Wyrm Publishing this week, I’ll give you 10% off your order at Clarkesworld Books.  That includes all the books we’ve already marked down and all the other science fiction, fantasy, and horror books and magazines we have.  Nothing is restricted!

Pass it along. 🙂

Let me call your attention to….

is putting out a call for the support of short fiction through a subscription drive.  He may work for Realms of Fantasy, but his crusade is for all the great short fiction markets out there.

Aside from being the publisher of Clarkesworld Magazine, I’m a huge fan of short fiction. I read tons of it.  While I ran the bookstore, I had a lot of it readily available and now that’s going away.  I’m picking up a few subscriptions where I can, putting others on wishlists, and now I’m joining his cause and hoping you will too.  I’ll even expand it a bit to suggest that you consider donating to any number of the free magazines out there as well.  Just like their for pay brothers and sisters, they count on your support.  Every little bit helps and as one of those markets, I can tell you it means a lot.

There are a lot of really good magazines out there.  I’ll just toss a few names out there:  Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet, Electric Velocipede, Shimmer, Sybil’s Garage, Weird Tales, Interzone, Black Static (the second life of The Third Alternative), Talebones, Black Gate, Baen’s, Strange Horizons, Fantasy and Flytrap.  That’s just a handful.  I sold nearly 100 different titles in my store so I know there is something for almost everyone.  Check out something new and enjoy.

Want to push your favorite?  Toss it in the comments and tell us why we should subscribe or donate to that magazine.

Public Service Announcement

Aidan came running out of his bedroom tonight.  Somewhat freaked, he told me “Eamonn’s face is glowing!”  Sure enough, he was right.  The inside of the bedroom looked like a cheesy 80’s science fiction movie.  Green glowing spots all over the wall and on Eamonn.  Someone had been playing with a thin bendy glow stick and it burst.  The culprit was covered, sort of like how I imagine dye packs work in a bag of money stolen from a bank. 

I was pretty sure that the stuff in a glow stick was non-toxic, but there’s always this piece of a parent that says “he’s covered in radioactive waste!” 

Lisa takes the boys to the bathroom to be washed down.  My hands are glowing just from taking them out.  Strip the sheets, wash the walls, scrub the floor…. wash off toxic stuff from my hands before I turn into a mutant freak… the standard routine.

The kids, however, are a little rattled.  In their world, children don’t glow.  Lisa grabs the laptop and shows them that the company claims it’s non-toxic with the standard disclaimer of irritation if swallowed.  Rinse the boys down again and now they are sleeping in my bed, huddled together for comfort.  I haven’t the heart to tell them that Eamonn will probably develop mutant powers sometime later tonight.

Anyhow, if your child ever bursts a glow stick… just wash’em down and move along.

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