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Month: April 2007

Fun with Peeps

When Lisa and I were married 12 years ago, one of the hors d’oeuvres floating around the reception was assorted colors of Marshmallow Peeps. They were all gone before we could get away from the photographer and join the party.

For the last ten years, Peeps have been the best-selling non-chocolate Easter candy.

The amount of Peeps chicks and bunnies eaten at Easter could more than circle the Earth’s circumference.

Lord of the Peeps

Peep Games

Scott Westerfeld wrote a book called Peeps, but it was false advertising.

Peep Research

More Peep Research

Art for a Future Issue

Ok, so I haven’t finished working things out with the artist for this month’s issue of Clarkesworld Magazine, but I did buy another piece that you’ll see used sometime in the next month or two. You can check out Sieg’s other work over at DeviantArt.

April Issue of Clarkesworld Magazine

The April Issue of Clarkesworld Magazine is up a little late and without the cover art. With everything that’s been going on lately, I don’t think anyone is going to begrudge me the family trip that caused the delay. 🙂

Lisa and I celebrated our 12th anniversary on Sunday (yes, April Fool’s Day) and we took the kids down to Ocean City, NJ for a few days. It was a bit cold, but we had fun and that’s exactly what we needed. As you can see by the self-taken picture on the right, we’re smiling.

This month we have stories by Jeff Vandermeer and Michael De Kler. Artwork will be settled shortly and we’ve already received a great review from Tangent Online.

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