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What a week…

Well, the inevitable emails about the status of Clarkesworld Books have started coming in.  To be completely honest, it hasn’t been in my mind much during the last week.  I only started trying to deal with orders again the other days and find that I’m having a hard time focusing on it.  I think I’ve emailed everyone, so if I missed you, please excuse, I’m not working at my best now.  Just drop me a line and I’ll fix it.  The first batch of orders should ship out tomorrow.

As you know, the bookstore was closing because we were going to have a baby.  Our loss does not change anything as we have not ruled out trying again.  We just can’t think much about that right now, but I can say that the store will close as planned and I’ll continue to sell off the inventory.  (can I insert a subliminal buy buy buy in here?)  My small press project is still going to happen.  I was planning on doing a lot of work on Wyrm this week, but I’ve pushed those plans off to next week.

As for us, well, the boys were sick through the weekend.  Aidan is better now, but Eamonn has bronchitis and registered a 104.6 degree fever on Monday.  I haven’t slept well in days (kids keeping us up) and for a portion of the weekend, had a fever myself.  I’m off work for two weeks, so fortunately, I can deal with this without the stress of the day job looming over my head. 

Lisa is a member of the local Mom’s Club.  When they found out about everything, they started arranging meals for us.  I knew they did this sort of thing since Lisa’s been one of their volunteers, but it’s still something else to be on the receiving end.  It’s a really nice gesture and gives us one less thing to think about doing.  Between this, the flowers, cards, emails, and everything else, we’re going to be thanking people for quite some time.

Finally, yesterday was career day in Aidan’s class, so I went into his school to talk about being a Technology Director.  I had 30 minutes to wow first graders, so I spent a little bit of time on my job and the rest on fun stuff.  I took a desktop computer with me and opened it up in front of them.  They thought it was so cool to see the inside of a computer and learn what all the parts were.  The rest of the time we talked about how much computers have improved in the last 20 years and they laughed at the stuff I used in college.  Aidan grinned ear-to-ear.


Thank you

I’m overwhelmed by the comments, emails, and words of support and condolence that we’ve been receiving from everyone.  It means a lot to have so many people pulling for us.

Thank you.

A very sad day in the Clarke house

Lisa had a routine doctor’s appointment yesterday.  While performing an ultrasound, they noticed something odd with the baby and took her to have one of those advanced ultrasounds.  To make a long and painful story short, the baby has a very serious defect that is, in the doctor’s words, “incompatible with life.” 

Eamonn’s Adventure

I finally received a call around 3:30 am last night.  I could hear Eamonn getting into trouble in the background, so I knew he was back to his usual self.  Aidan was sound asleep, so I had to wake him up, get him in the car, and head off to the hospital to pick them up.   When we arrived at  the hospital, Eamonn filled us in on his little adventure.  In the ambulance, they gave him a bear.  Lisa filled in the technical parts.  He did have croup and they had to give him steroids.  They gave Lisa some literature on croup, so we wouldn’t freak out again.

After we got home, everyone went to bed.  I stayed with Eamonn and before he went to sleep, he explained to me that he went for a ride in a fire truck.  “Ambulance”, I told him.  “I like the color of fire trucks”, he responded and went fast to sleep.

Thanks to everyone for their words of support last night.

I know he’s ok, but damn…

…the last thing a parent wants to see is an ambulance taking away one of their children. 

Sometime tonight we woke up to some odd noises coming from the boys room.  Eamonn (soon to be 4) was breathing funny, scared, crying and shaking.  We’ve never seen him like this, so we erred on the side of caution.  Lisa called 911. The local police were first to arrive and they immediately put him on oxygen as he clung to me.  His breathing was still rough, but he managed to fall asleep in my arms while we waited for the first aid squad.  The officers explained that it was likely croup and that it was common to recommend that he go to the hospital as a precautionary measure.  The ambulance arrived, he was checked out and there seemed to be agreement with the earlier diagnosis.  Lisa decided she wanted to be the one to go with him and that I should be the one to stay here with Aidan.  I watched from the window as the ambulance drove off with my little boy and then I went up to check on Aidan.  He’s tucked into my bed next to me, finally sleeping again… something I can’t do, which brings us back to the title.

Sit and wait.  Sit and wait.  Even when you know things are ok, it’s maddening.

It’s just closing, but here’s the real reason…

It appears that some people don’t believe that the bookstore isn’t closing for financial reasons.  Fine, be that way.  Would it have been easier to swallow if had claimed that aliens came to me one night and said:

“These books must go!  We are tired of tripping over them each month when we come to take your family away for experimentation.  Tomorrow you will begin the process of closing this business down or we will be forced to dust off the probe!  Oh and by the way, that baby wasn’t an oops, it’s exactly what we planned.”

They seem ok with me going into publishing.

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