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Month: February 2007

Move Underground For Free

Move Underground by Nick Mamatas
Now available for free under Creative Commons License

The year is nineteen-sixty-something, and after endless millennia of watery sleep, the stars are finally right. Old R’lyeh rises out of the Pacific, ready to cast its damned shadow over the primitive human world. The first to see its peaks: an alcoholic, paranoid, and frightened Jack Kerouac, who had been drinking off a nervous breakdown up in Big Sur. Now Jack must get back on the road to find Neal Cassady, the holy fool whose rambling letters hint of a world brought to its knees in worship of the Elder God Cthulhu. Together with pistol-packin’ junkie William S. Burroughs, Jack and Neal make their way across the continent to face down the murderous Lovecraftian cult that has spread its darkness to the heart of the American Dream. But is Neal along for the ride to help save the world, or does he want to destroy it just so that he’ll have an ending for his book?

“It’s Kerouac vs. Cthulhu as the most human of writers tangles with the most inhuman horror. Move Under Ground is a wild, weird ride, and Nick Mamatas shows awesome chops as well as some sad and funky soul.”—Stewart O’Nan.

“An intense, inspired crossbred bastard homage-cum-critique-cum-vision.”—China Miéville.

Also available as a signed trade paperback or signed trade hardcover.

What’s in a name?

Picked this up from Sean’s blog this morning:

“New site Clarkesworld Magazine has to date published mostly fantasy, in spite of its title, and rather sexually explicity fantasy at that, but is attracting high-level professional writers, and is another site to watch.”—Gardner Dozois

This comes from the current issue of Locus, which I haven’t picked up from my PO box yet.   I am amused.

 “in spite of its title”

My name is Neil Clarke.  Though it would be cool if Arthur C. Clarke was related in some way, as far as I can tell, he isn’t.  The name of the magazine comes from the name of the bookstore.  The name of the bookstore came from the name of the domain we owned.  That domain was originally purchased as a site for my family, the Clarkes.  So, as much as I admire his work, he wasn’t in my mind when any of this happened. 

“rather sexually explicit”

Wow.  The first six stories do contain some sex or sexual references in them.  I’d certainly like to hear what other people have to say.  In my opinion, that phrase is a bit too strong.  Reminds me of porn.  Either way, it wasn’t intentional and not one of our goals.

“and is another site to watch”

All is forgiven.  You are a wise man Mr. Dozois.  Thank you!

Random News

Just an assortment of little things:

* Clarkesworld Magazine has a MySpace page : 

* PS Publishing appears to have abandoned paperback editions in favor of PPC semi-hardcovers.  I’ve just had to update my entire catalog to reflect this change on all the forthcoming books, along with a lot of price increases.  I’m not sure what I think of the PPC hardcovers.   Basically, they don’t have dust jackets.  The art is printed right on rigid cover and it feels like it’s been coated with something.  Sort of like some of the baby books my kids had but with real paper.

* Subterranean Magazine will cease to be a print magazine after issue #8.  They will continue to exist as a portion of the Subterranean Press website.

Did this surprise anyone else?

Is anyone else surprised by the short story section on the Locus Recommended Reading List for 2006?    To save you the effort of counting, here are the publications with more than one recommended story:

11 Asimovs
7 F&SF
2 Analog
2 Interzone
2 Realms of Fantasy
2 Paraspheres
2 Strange Horizons
2 Red Spikes

45 stories made the list.  Asimov’s gets nearly 25% of the recommendations and as someone who reads a lot of short stories, I never expected things to fall out that way.  It should be interesting to see how this compares to the multitude of Year’s Best collections.

This is NOT a criticism of the stories selected.  In fact, congratulations to all of you.

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