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Clarkesworld Bestsellers for the Week Ending Sept. 24, 2006

1The Ice Dragon by George R. R. Martin (Signed Hardcover)
2The Machine’s Child by Kage Baker (Hardcover)
3House of Chains (Malazan, Book 4) by Steven Erikson (Hardcover)
4Hunters of Dune by Brian Herbert (Signed Numbered Hardcover)
5A Cruel Wind: A Chronicle Of The Dread Empire by Glen Cook (Signed Hardcover)

2Fantasy & Science Fiction

Two weeks ago, someone from TOR called to see if I really wanted the large number of copies of Ice Dragon that I ordered.  They thought I had hit too many zeros, but I explained that selling all of them wouldn’t be a problem.  Doesn’t matter that the story has been published before and it doesn’t matter that it’s really a children’s book.  A signed George R. R. Martin book with a list price of $12.95?  No-brainer.  It easily took the top spot this week. 

Special Offer on Clarkesworld Magazine Subscriptions

The online version of Clarkesworld Magazine launches this Sunday. The signed limited chapbooks will be available about 2 months later. I’ve heard some horror stories about international signature sheets, so we’re giving ourselves some extra time, just in case.  I’m sure no one will complain if they arrive early.  We’ll get a head start on issue two since we have two international signatures to collect for that one.

I’m happy to say we’ve received several subscriptions in advance of publishing our first stories.  For their faith in us, I am thanking each subscriber with 10% off their next Clarkesworld Books order. Matter of fact, if you subscribe between now and October 3rd, that offer will extend to you too.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, the mockups for issues 1, 2, and 3.  Stories by Sarah Monette, Lavie Tidhar, Ian Watson & Roberto Quaglia, Vylar Kaftan, Catherynne M. Valente, and Jenny Davidson.

Ok. I think this is it…

A big thanks to everyone who took the time to comment on the earlier draft.  I had some great suggestions from both on and off LJ.   I definitely owe a big thanks to Robert N. Lee who suggested some of the more obvious changes.   This is quite probably the final draft:

I settled on just plain old Issue 1. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that the volume x, issue x wasn’t for me. I tend to prefer the real issue number (or date) on the covers of magazines. I would have went with date, but the online and print publication dates are different and I didn’t want to confuse people.

Cover Designs

After I posted the draft cover design for the first issue Clarkesworld Magazine, I had a few people send me a variety of good suggestions. I had some reservations anyway, so I decided to learn as much as I could in a short period and apply it to a new design.

If you need something to compare to the old cover image is here.

So, am I moving in the right direction? I won’t be insulted by a no.

Apex Magazine

So now another magazine has run into some financial trouble. Apex Magazine is having a subscription drive, taking donations, and holding a raffle to make sure they stay afloat. Jason, the publisher, is a good guy, so I’ve donated a 6 issue subscription to the Clarkesworld Magazine signed chapbook series to the raffle to help support him. There are some very cool prizes in there already. Details on the raffle can be found here:

Clarkesworld Bestsellers for the Week Ending Sept. 19, 2006

1House of Chains (Malazan, Book 4) by Steven Erikson (Hardcover)
2Hunters of Dune by Brian Herbert (Signed Numbered Hardcover)
3Alabaster by Caitlin R. Kiernan (Signed Numbered Hardcover)
4Alabaster by Caitlin R. Kiernan (Hardcover)
5Alone on the Darkside : Echoes From Shadows of Horror by John Pelan (Paperback)

1Fantasy & Science Fiction
3Fantasy Magazine

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