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Month: March 2006

The Patron Saint of Plagues

I received some email today from Barth Anderson. His book, The Patron Saint of Plagues, will be published later this month, and it turns out that the name of a major character was misspelled. (not his fault) They weren’t able to have the book recalled (nearly 90% of the print run has already sold) but it will be corrected in later printings. It’s unfortunate that this should happen in his first novel, but great that it’s selling so well. Having read his short fiction, I’m eager to see what he can do with a novel. The reviews have been good.

Oh and he’ll be signing copies for us now too.


Clarkesworld Bestsellers for the Week Ending March. 5, 2006

1Sebastian (Ephemera #1) by Anne Bishop (Signed Hardcover)
2Crystal Rain by Tobias Buckell (Signed Hardcover)
3Damned Nation by Robert N. Lee and David Wilbanks (Paperback)
4City of Saints and Madmen by Jeff Vandermeer (Trade Paperback)
5The Thousandfold Thought (The Prince of Nothing, Book 3) by R. Scott Bakker (Hardcover)

2Fantasy & Science Fiction

Last week’s top two reversed as the last of the preorders and batch of new orders came in. Great to see Damned Nation show well against some tough competition. This book was born on one of the message boards I frequent and I’ve heard great things about it. Have to find out what’s going on with the publisher (Hellbound Books) since they just posted a note on their site saying that they are temporarily on hiatus and restructuring. Hope they’re back soon.

City of Saints and Madman is one of those little wonders that if you haven’t read, you probably should. It was originally published by Cosmos Books in 2001 (trade paperback), then Prime in 2002 (hardcover), and now with Bantam (trade paperback).

In unrelated news, I finally managed to see SERENITY. I wasn’t a big fan of the series when it first came out, but thanks to Netflix, I finally came to appreciate it. I can see why this wasn’t the stunning box office success they hoped for, but it was a good Saturday night movie that tied up a lot of loose ends from the series. Not fantastic, but worth seeing. Watch the series first though.


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