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Month: February 2006

Attracting the Crazies

Looks like I’ve attracted some attention from a couple of crazies. It started with a letter in my PO Box in which I was put on notice. The only way to save my soul is to stop selling all those evil horror novels. After all, they glorify all that Satan stands for and pollute people’s minds with sick and depraved ideas. It went on like this for three hand-written pages. I now regret having thrown it out.

The second and most recent was an anonymous email. It seems that someone (who reads this blog)is convinced that my business is merely some sort of conspiracy to undermine another (much more popular) online indy bookseller. Proof of the conspiracy covered things like: my linking to my store in my post signature on X’s forum, selling books for less money than X, having some of the same customers, and, my favorite, having a second job. Wow, I really hope this was someone’s attempt at humor gone wrong.


Clarkesworld Bestsellers for the Week Ending Feb. 5, 2006

1The Thousandfold Thought (The Prince of Nothing, Book 3) by R. Scott Bakker (Hardcover)
2Dusk by Tim Lebbon (Trade Paperback)
3The Healthy Dead by Steven Erikson (Signed Hardcover)
4Last Week’s Apocalypse by Douglas Lain (Trade Paperback)
5A Handbook of American Prayer by Lucius Shepard (Trade Paperback)

1Fantasy & Science Fiction
2Subterranean Magazine
3Weird Tales


Nothing like last minute decisions. Managed to get a hotel reservation in for Boskone so I’ll be making the trip to Boston later this month… weather permitting.

So, who else will be there?


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