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RED SCREAM: New Horror Magazine Coming in April

RED SCREAM Magazine will make it’s debut this April with a special preview issue #0. I’ve just received the complete table of contents. Here’s a look at the fiction:

* Feeding Time by Wrath James White
* Apple of My Eye by Amy Grech
* Asha by Monica J. O’Rourke
* The Voyeur’s Reward by Darren Franz
* Avoid Abduction: Learn the Secret Arts of Ninjitsu by Tom Piccirilli
* Irreconcilable Differences by J. R. Cain
* The Fall of Meltharan by David L. Tamarin
* Grandma Wanda’s Belly Jelly by John Everson
* Motel Hell by Bev Vincent

Check out the web page for non-fiction, pictorials, and other information.

Charles de Lint News

My shipment of signed copies of Charles de Lint’s QUICKSILVER AND SHADOW collection arrived yesterday. We started shipping preorders today.

This morning there was a surprise announcement from Subterranean for a new de Lint collection called THE HOUR BEFORE DAWN AND TWO OTHER STORIES FROM NEWFORD that will be available in trade hardcover and signed limited hardcover.

And if that’s not enough…. The signed limited edition of MOONHEART should start shipping from Subterranean in a few weeks. I’m not sure if that also includes the deluxe leatherbound edition as well.

New Thomas Ligotti Book

I just found out about this book a few minutes ago. I’ve been wondering when there would be another Thomas Ligotti collection out published.

The Shadow at The Bottom of The World will be released in October as a trade paperback. Yay!




Clarkesworld Bestsellers: Week Ending March 27th, 2005

1. Punktown Special Edition by Jeffrey Thomas
2. King of Foxes by Raymond E. Feist
3. Market Forces by Richard Morgan
4. The Moon of Skulls (Weird Works Vol. 2) by Robert E. Howard
5. Dark Notes from NJ ed. by Harrison Howe

1. Interzone
2. Cemetery Dance
3. Space and Time
4. H.P. Lovecraft’s Magazine of Horror
5. Zahir

Based on sales at Clarkesworld Books ( for the week ending March 27th, 2005.

RSS Feeds

I use Mozilla for my web browser. Today I noticed (or started paying attention to) it’s ability to handle RSS feeds. I figure I may have lost several of you by now, but if you have Mozilla, please stick with me.

I’ve set up an RSS feed that lists links to all the new items in the store in the last 10 days. If you go to our home page ( you should see a little orange square on the far left bottom corner of the browser. If you click on this and allow it to be added to your bookmarks, you’ll get an entry for Clarkesworld Books that will automatically update itself to list links to the new books. These are called Live Bookmarks and right now, they are only available in Mozilla.

Anyhow, I don’t know how many of you will use it, but I’ve having fun with it. Now to work on some other possible feeds. Any ideas?


Cemetery Dance, Interzone, and The Third Alternative

The latest issue of Cemetery Dance has arrived and is now available.

Interzone #197 is now available for preorder.

The Third Alternative #41 is now available for preorder.

These three magazines are excellent. If you haven’t read any of them, do yourself a favor and check one out.


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