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Clarkesworld Bestsellers: Week Ending January 30, 2005

1. Thirteen Phantasms and Other Stories by James Blaylock (paperback)
2. Flesh Gothic by Edward Lee (paperback)
3. The Warrior-Prophet by R. Scott Bakker
4. Constellations ed. by Peter Crowther
5. Chainfire by Terry Goodkind (signed)

1. The Third Alternative
2. Interzone
3. Dark Discoveries
4. Analog
5. Challenging Destiny

Based on sales at Clarkesworld Books ( for the week ending January 30th, 2005.

Always happy to see James Blaylock land in the list. Unfortunately for me, it’s a reprint of a hardcover (and trade paperback) I read quite some time ago. Still don’t have any idea when his next book, Zeuglodon, will be published.


PS Publishing Raises US Price on Novellas

This was announced by PS Publishing in December, but their new prices have now gone into effect (even if they haven’t updated their online catalog to reflect this yet). Here is what they had to say:

“at the start of the new year, we’ll be changing our pricing structure (for existing titles and stock, as well as for new titles), but only to an exchange rate of $1.80 and, even then, only for the novellas.

So, from 1 January 2005, the prices will be:

£25/$45 for the hardcovers (instead of £25/$40)
£10/$18 for the paperbacks (instead of £10/$16)”

We’ve updated our prices accordingly on our web site. Anyone who has already placed orders for effected novellas will have the old price honored.


New Magazine: Apex

Dark science fiction magazine Apex will publish its first issue in mid-March and we’ve just added them to the store for preorder. Here’s the table of contents for issue #1:

* Permutations by M.M. Buckner
* The Throne Room by J. Stern
* Thrilling Wonder Stories #52: The Invasion of the Zog by Lavie Tidhar
* New World, Old World by Chris Stires
* Training Ground by Jonette Stabbert
* Allergies – Christine Murphy
* The Conservation of Thelos by Lawrence Schoen
* A Place in the Sun by Doug Hewitt
* Layers by Mike Simon
* Ph: Partially Human by Anna Parrish
* His Cross to Bear by Liam Rands

* Book Reviews by William Lengeman III & Erin Gold
* Editorial: Science Fiction, the Real Horror by Gill Ainsworth
* Jon Hodges Interviewed by Jason Sizemore

Cover Art:
Justin Stewart

I read Buckner’s Hyperthought shortly after it was nominated for a PKD Award. I’ve been meaning to read the latest, Neurolink, but it’s busy languishing in the tbr pile.

Anyhow, I’m looking forward to checking this one out. Always happy to find another magazine.


Clarkesworld Bestsellers: Week Ending January 23, 2005

1. The Warrior-Prophet by R. Scott Bakker
2. Flesh Gothic by Edward Lee (paperback)
3. Chainfire by Terry Goodkind (signed)
4. Little Yellow Book of Fevered Stories by Al Sarrantonio (signed)
5. In the Night Room by Peter Straub (signed)

1. Interzone
2. Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet
3. The Third Alternative
4. Dark Discoveries
5. The Horror Express
5. Midnight Street

Based on sales at Clarkesworld Books ( for the week ending January 23th, 2005.

Signing News:
* Customers waiting on signed copies Anne Bishop’s DREAMS MADE FLESH will be pleased to hear that the first set of boxes is on it’s way back from Anne.

* We’ve also made arrangements to have THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UNDEAD signed by Kim Harrison. These books will be shipped to her tomorrow.

* Brian Keene has graciously agreed to sign all copies of his forthcoming paperbacks. I’ve listed both TERMINAL and CITY OF THE DEAD on our site. Customers who preorder may request an inscription.

With any luck, we’ll be able to set up some more signings soon. Suggestions, as always, are welcome.


Clarkesworld Books

Clarkesworld Bestsellers: Week Ending January 16, 2005

1. Chainfire by Terry Goodkind (signed)
2. The Warrior-Prophet by R. Scott Bakker
3. The Dry Salvages by Caitlin R. Kiernan (signed)
4. Under the Penitence by Mary Gentle (signed)
5. Turns and Chances by Juliet McKenna (signed)

1. The Third Alternative
2. Fantasy & Science Fiction
3. Weird Tales
4. Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet
5. Dark Discoveries

Based on sales at Clarkesworld Books ( for the week ending January 16th, 2005.

I’ve been working on a new order processing system, so I’ve been a bit delinquent with these lists lately. I should have the bestsellers for 2004 available soon.


Clarkesworld Books

Subterranean Announces Two New Books

Subterranean Press has announced two new signed limited edition hardcovers today.


“Simon, the legendary editor of THE NECRONOMICON returns later this year with DEAD NAMES, his first book in decades, about the NECRONOMICON and its effect on popular culture.”
750 Signed Numbered Copies (more information)


SHADOW TWIN by George R. R. Martin, Gardner Dozios and Daniel Abraham

“Shadow Twin is a 120 page novella by Gardner Dozois, George R.R. Martin, and Daniel Abraham. Gardner began the novella in the 1970s, handed it off to George in the 1980s, who, in turn, called upon hot new writer Daniel Abraham to add the finishing touches.”
500 Signed Numbered Copies (more information)

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