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Month: August 2004

Good start to the day

This morning, I woke up and went straight to work printing the postage for the latest batch of orders. Business has been growing at a steady pace, but I still need a second job to help pay the bills. I’m picky about the work I’ll do. I’ve spent most of my career working in higher education, particularly in technology. This makes finding a job a bit more difficult, especially when you add in my wife’s request to stay within 5 hours of where we live. Anyhow, I’ve been sending out resumes and I’m finally getting some bites. As I was taking the boxes upstairs, the phone rang. One of the places I applied to wants to schedule an interview! That’s two places in just over a week. Both are good opportunities. I’d be happy with either one.

Used book sales

Part of what I love about being a bookseller is HAVING to go to book sales. No longer must I make up an excuse for rummaging through dirty old boxes and coming home with mountains of books.

Today I went to the AAUW (American Association of University Women) booksale in Bernardsville. The 20 minute drive was well worth the trip. Even with number 133 (next year I go earlier) I still managed to get close to 30 books. The big surprise was the number of Ellison books in excellent condition. I also found some PKD books, a couple of which will go towards completing my personal collection.

These AAUW sales are typically very good for me. Just keep an eye on and you may find one near you… or you can just wait for me to put these in the store’s catalog. 🙂

Danger… danger… I’ve started a LiveJournal

When I was a little kid, I was completely addicted to Lost in Space. I had never seen anything like it and from that day on, I was destined to be a science fiction fan. Yes, it was hokey and the science was bad, but it was entertaining escapism that let a little boy dream of someday going into space.

In the 1970’s, I regularly watched monster week, Planet of the Apes (movie and TV), Buck Rogers, and occasionally Star Trek. Then there was Star Wars. I remember coming out of the theatre with my dad, brother, and cousin… simply blown away, looking to the stars in the parking lot. Wondering if that could really be happening out there.

Somewhere around this time, my cousin bought me a copy of The Hobbit and Asimov’s Foundation trilogy. I had always been a reader, but now I was blazing through books. I had found something special.

Off into the 80’s, I eventually went to college and discovered other people like me. Star Trek came back as the next generation and groups of people would get together to watch it. I went to my convention, which I generally thought of as a bit of a freak show where there was way too much spandex being worn. I came to appreciate it though since I was a freak too.

All the while I kept reading and watching. Babylon 5, Stargate SG-1, Farscape… just couldn’t get enough. I had kids, two of them now, and began indoctrinating them into the path. In some ways, they are worse than me, but I don’t mind. In recent months, we’ve completed a circle. Aidan and I have watched the first season of Lost in Space. I don’t know that he’ll remember the same way I do, but he is definitely addicted. I have several pictures of Robot drawn by him and we just pasted his picture into an old B&W still from the show. He thinks it’s cool, but then he’s only 4.

Yeah, I sort of glossed over the fact that I started a science fiction, fantasy, and horror bookstore somewhere in there… 2000 to be exact. What you see above is part of the reason I did it. The rest is for later entries…

By the way, today is my 38th birthday.


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