October 2014 issue of Clarkesworld

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“Taxidermist in the Underworld” by Maria Dahvana Headley
“Lovecraft” by Helena Bell
“Seeking boarder for rm w/ attached bathroom, must be willing to live with ghosts ($500 / Berkeley)” by Rahul Kanakia
“Pithing Needle” by E. Catherine Tobler
“A Rich, Full Week” by K.J. Parker
“Wizard’s Six” by Alex Irvine


“I Sing the Lady Electric” by Brian Francis Slattery
“Science Fiction Writers Wear Disguises: A Conversation with Robert Reed” by Alvaro Zino-Amaro
“Another Word: What You Know” by Daniel Abraham
“Editor’s Desk: Eight is a Good Number” by Neil Clarke


This month’s stories will be released in audio form over the course of the month. Read by Kate Baker.


The Haunting by Sandeep Karunakaran

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UPGRADED release contest

UPGRADED is apparently showing up in stores ahead of the publication date. Since they’ve done that, I’ve authorized all our ebook dealers to start shipping today. To celebrate, let’s have a contest. The best caption for the following picture will win a signed copy of UPGRADED. International entries welcome and all entries must be submitted as a comment to this post. Deadline: 9/22/14.

This unstaged photo was taken this past weekend. Pictured left to right: Sean, Neil, and Kate.

C+N's Birthday

Kickstarting the First Year of a Translation Project

We’ve just launched a Kickstarter campaign to add Chinese science fiction story translations as a regular feature of Clarkesworld Magazine. The full details are on the page, but if you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Clarkesworld wins a British Fantasy Award!

The British Fantasy Awards were announced at a ceremony at FantasyCon in York this past Sunday. I would have liked to have attended, but UK flights are expensive and Lisa would probably kill me if I tried to jet off to the UK again so soon. (Doesn’t help that I feel like I’m still recovering from Loncon last month.)

Clarkesworld was competing in the “Best Magazine/Periodical” category and we won! Such a wonderful surprise and honor. A big thank you to the judges and BFS members! I’m so glad you’re enjoying our work and I hope we can continue to live up to your standards.


Preordering Upgraded

Preorders are now available for the trade paperback and ebook editions of UPGRADED, which will be released next month!

Trade Paperback


UPGRADED is on the truck…

I’ve just been informed by my printer that UPGRADED shipped yesterday and should be arriving at my house early next week! Bookstores won’t have it until late September, but I’ll start mailing copies to our Kickstarter supporters next week.