Philcon 2015

I’ll be attending Philcon in Cherry Hill, NJ this weekend. Hope to see some of you there. I won’t have a table in the dealer’s room, but I will be participating on the following panels:

Sat 10:00 AM in Autograph Table—Autographs: Lawrence M. Schoen and Neil Clarke

Sat 3:00 PM in Plaza III (Three)—The Value of Editors
Having an outside view on your work is important, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what an editor can do for you — and protect the readers.
Sally Wiener Grotta (mod), Jon McGoran, Ian Randal Strock, Neil Clarke, Brian Koscienski, Peter Prellwitz

Sat 6:00 PM in Plaza III (Three)—Small Press Magazine Panel
Hear what the editors have to say.
Hildy Silverman (mod), Ty Drago, Neil Clarke, Brian Koscienski, Gordon Linzner, Julie Ann Dawson

Sat 9:00 PM in Plaza IV (Four)—The Significance of Science Fiction Awards
They’re intended to reward quality and ensure that outstanding writers of an overlooked genre received proper recognition, but are they still serving that purpose? Or have our awards become nothing more than a popularity contest?
David M. Axler (mod), Michael Swanwick, Neil Clarke

Sat 10:00 PM in Plaza II (Two)—Podcasts (and Broadcasts) You Should Know [Open Discussion]
Whether you’re an aspiring writer looking for advice or a fan who loves audio dramas, podcasts have a lot to offer. Will one of these turn out to be the “thing I didn’t know I needed!” in your life? Come talk about your favorite audio shows with fellow fans.
Deborah Stanish (mod), Neil Clarke

Sun 1:00 PM in Crystal Ballroom Three—How to Sell Your Fiction
So you have a finally finished a story. What are the main markets? Who do you want to avoid?
Hildy Silverman (mod), Alex Shvartsman, Barbara A. Barnett, Neil Clarke, Danielle Ackley-McPhail, Robert E. Waters

The October Issues of Clarkesworld and Forever

The October issues of Clarkesworld and Forever are now available!

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The complete table of contents can be found by clicking on the covers. If you enjoy them, please consider becoming a subscriber.

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2015 Capclave Schedule

The 2015 Capclave (October 9-11 in Gaithersburg, Maryland) programming schedule is now available and it looks like I’ve been assigned to the following panels:

Friday 5:00 pm: Crowdfunding & Alternative Funding for Writers 
Panelists:Bill Campbell, Neil Clarke, Barbara Krasnoff, Alex Shvartsman
Traditionally, publishers gave authors an advance on royalties in exchange for the completed manuscript. Today, some writers are receiving alternate revenue streams including crowdfunding of anthologies and novels in advance by the public, serialization in which the author releases a chapter (or story) as long as readers continue to fund it, and electronic self-publishing. What methods have you used and what works? What new methods do you see in the future? How will this change the creation of books?

Friday 7:00 pm: Translating Speculative Fiction
Panelists:Neil Clarke, Jim Freund, Shahid Mahmud, Alex Shvartsman
Many non-English countries get much of their science fiction in translation. And English readers are finally being given access to more Chinese, Japanese and other non-English works. Why is this happening now? What are some of the special challenges with translating genre works? How do translators cope with invented words and concepts? What about different storytelling methods and literary techniques?

Saturday 11:00 am: The Elements of Editing 
Panelists:Scott H. Andrews, Neil Clarke, Hildy Silverman
The art and science of editing. What do editors do and how much effect do they have on the final work? What are the differences between magazine and book editing?

Saturday 7:00 pm: Distinctions Between Online & Print Magazines 
Panelists:Scott H. Andrews, Neil Clarke, Hildy Silverman, Gordon Van Gelder
In addition to the big three print sf/fantasy publications there are many many online magazines. Is this just a savings of paper & mailing costs, or are online publications doing things differently from print ones? How do writers decide to submit a story to one or the other?

I’ll also have a table in the dealer’s room, so if you are looking for me there… that’s the best place to fine me.

Joyride – The End

Not long ago, we (Clarkesworld) were approached by Joyride to be one of their launch partners. They had interesting plans involving podcasts, crowdfunding, and android cars. The income never amounted to a lot, but every bit helps keep the magazine afloat.

Today’s news is that Joyride has been bought by Google. The bad news is that they’ve discontinued their crowdfunding system and this will be the last month we can use their service.

Fortunately, we’ve been using Patreon even longer than Joyride and already have a stable infrastructure there for people to move to. This will also have the benefit of making everything a lot easier for me to manage. There were some Joyride hiccups that just don’t exist at Patreon and that will make reward fulfillment a lot easier.

If you’ve been using Joyride or would like to start supporting Clarkesworld, why not head on over to our Patreon page and join today. Every dollar helps.


Eleven hours in, forty-nine isn’t that bad. I’m even OK with this being the last time I’ll have a birthday in the forties. Last year, I spent my birthday at the Hugo Awards in London with my dad (which I was very pleased to be able to share with him). This year, I’m happily at home with my family.

No presents necessary, but if you feel compelled to do something, buy yourself a subscription to Clarkesworld and/or Forever or make a pledge on Patreon. If I only accomplish one thing this year, I’d like it to be the ability to quit my day job and become a full-time editor. Each of those helps in some way.

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